Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Well Hoowwdy Folks. This is Big Tex welcoming you to the State Fair of Texas"

I've been going ever since I was a little girl. And it never gets old. It becomes more crowded, but never gets old. If you have never been to the State Fair of Texas, I would recommend it. There is a lot to see and a lot to do and a lot to eat! So make sure you wear your walking shoes and bring money. It blows my mind how fast tickets go. One ticket is $.50 a piece but when you get to the counter and the lady says that wine is 10 tickets and you are left with only 10 more (since a sheet comes with 20 tickets) you really begin to see how the fair makes its money. But even through that, I love it. This year I went with my mom and dad, Tim, Kara, Landry and Hayden and Tim's parents, Mike and Debbie. My husband opted out this year. Mr. Model himself doesn't eat fried food and hates crowds. I got picked up at 9am and we got to the fair by 10am. I would recommend going that early. It's cooler, there are less people and you don't feel so crammed into one space. By 1pm, that place is hopping. And by 3pm, you need to form a train of holding hands to just get through all the people. Or if you can go on a weekday, that is better too!
No one in my group really ate anything new and since I can't eat it, I don't have much to show you. Tomorrow's blog will be how to go to the fair and eat Gluten Free though. I do have my list to share with you and I did buy 2 things on the list since I was there.

Nothing like a Big sister to mess with your bald head and then plant a huge kiss on you just to embarrass you

Ok, I am sorry but I liked the other Big Tex. If you didn't know, the Big Tex that I grew up with burned down 2 years ago and since I didn't go last year, this was my first year to see the new Big Tex. He is extremely creepy. I mean, they could have given him like a 5 o'clock shadow or something. He seriously is the most creepiest thing ever. He looks like he has bitter beer face!! And they changed the guy who does his voice! The whole thing was just off to me. I do like his boots though. I will give him that.

Sharing a Fletcher's Corny Dog! With creepy man lurking behind

Landry loves rides! Kara loves rides! Kara will be the aunt that takes my children on rides. Bobby really hates them and I will only do some many. So luckily I have her to help me someday. Landry knows I hate haunted houses so all day she kept telling me how scary this ride was and how I would NOT have liked going in. Hahahaha


Fried Meatloaf. Every man's dream!

Fried Grilled Cheese with a side of Tomato Soup. Every child's dream!

Formula. Every baby's dream!

A cute baby in a pumpkin hat. Every mom's dream!

 I thought this was a great photo! American Flag, Cotton Bowl, Big Tex, Chevy and The Farris Wheel

Oh...hey Mikey!

Ok, so let's play Where's Landry? Kind of like Where's Waldo, except with Landry spinning around. I had to have Kara spot her every time and I would just start snapping away. We had a system going, she would say now and I would snap like 10 pics. I believe I had like 50 before I said ok, if I don't have one I am not that great of a photographer!

Hayden had the right idea after it was all said and done. I wish I could have snuggled up to him and got pushed around and slept. But no, 5 miles into The State Fair of Texas and we were done. Plus the crowd was awful and everyone was tired and sweaty.

I just love being with my family and being with The Smith's. Mike and Debbie always make me laugh and I always have a great time. And Landry and Hayden just know the way to my heart!!

Do y'all know what tonight is?
Besides Wednesday and October 8, 2014?
It is the season premiere of American Horror Story. Words can not tell you how excited I am about this season. But don't take my word for it, I have inserted a few clips of the upcoming season. If you have not gotten on the AHS train, you need to get on board! Even though it is on season 4, no other seasons are the same. The story line and characters change every year. So you don't need to watch seasons 1, 2 and 3 to watch 4! I would recommend someday watching the other seasons on Netflix because they are AMAZING!



See you tonight Freaks!