Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So what if I was THIS close to getting kicked out of a petting farm.......!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, Bobby and I met up with the rest of the Lewis clan for our annual Pumpkin Patch and animal farm visit. We go to Green Meadows Petting Farm by Joe Pool, pay a small entrance fee and get to leave with a free pumpkin of your choice. I always love going and was so glad I finally had a camera to take with me. I took sooooooo many photos that I am breaking them up over today and tomorrow.

With all the animals there, you would think our attention would be on them. But no, our attention (mostly mine) was on this sweet hummingbird of mine. When I say Billie Marie is a good baby and loves her Aunt Dani....I mean Billie Marie is a GOOD baby and LOVES her Aunt Dani! Oh, and she loves her picture taken! Such a Lewis

Time to feed the goats. They are funny to me. They try their best to squeeze their heads and body's as far into the outside of the cage as they can in hopes to get that small scrap of food. And their long nasty tongues gross me out. But the boys love them!

Take one!
 Take twenty!

So my FAVORITE farm yard animal is a pig. If you didn't know, I grew up with a pig. Her name was Rosie and she was a black pot belly pig. She lived inside the home with us and we treated her like she was dog. But she got to big for city limits so we had to send her out to live with my aunt in Clyde until she passed away many years later! They are seriously the smartest animal and according to the farm lady, the 3rd smartest animals on the planet. Which I already knew. When we got home I told Bobby I wanted pig instead of a dog next time. I'm pretty sure I have convinced him (almost)! But I will make sure that the pig we get stays a small pig, I am not going through having to give my pig away again. 

 So this is momma pig. I believe the lady said she was around 300-350 lbs

 This is daddy pig. She said he was around 600 lbs!

What I did not take a picture of and scared me really bad was right after this photo, the momma pig went to lay down so her babies could eat and she accidentally laid on one of her baby pigs. It started squealing really bad and I was THIS close to jumping in and getting myself kicked out to save this baby. But the farm lady came running over and moved the mother away and the baby pig jumped out. She told us that out in the wild, momma pigs kill their babies all the time like that. I was just glad we were able to save that pig. Like I said, I was seriously close to going in. My foot was on the bottom of the gate, ready to hike my leg over. "So what, kick me out! I just saved a life!!!"
Makes me want a pig even MORE now!
Stay tuned to tomorrow for more farm and playground pics!