Friday, October 10, 2014

I've done the shopping for you. All you need to do is pick the one you love the most and go buy it!

So I have gone to every website I can think of to find the Top 10 Best Coats and Jackets for this up coming season. All under $100!!!!!! And I know what your thinking, Dani it's still 90 degrees outside in October and you would be correct BUT it won't stay like that for long and you don't want to miss out on this chance to grab a new coat while you can!
I noticed a few trends this up coming fall/winter season when it came to coats. It seemed like the less the better. Nothing really puffy or thick or long. I know that winter in Texas is nothing like the winter in New York, but what I noticed is a lot of layering. So laying your normal clothes and then putting on a thick heavy coat is just going to look bunchy and way you down. But adding a slick warm over coat won't. That way when you get to where you are going, you can either leave it on as a layer or take it off and not have to carry this huge thing around.
So lets get down to it. I have found 10 wonderful fabulous coats and jackets all under $100 that should help keep you warm and stylish. This is the women's addition. Next week will be the men's addition.
1) Coat with Pile Collar- H&M- $99- Dark Blue
I love this coat. To me this a very warm coat without being too thick. I love the leather sleeve look, with that fluffy collar like that. It's slick, beautiful and looks extremely warm. And on really cold days, you can pop the collar up to help hide from the wind. This coat would be great with your hair curled like hers or up in a cute ballerina bun. I love how this coat can go from football game to church.
2) Draped Denim Jacket- Forever 21- $34.80- Grey
Ok, so denim is really back this season. Like, if you don't have a denim jacket in the your closet, please go to the nearest store and get one. They never cost a lot and they last forever. Why I love this one so much is because it doesn't look like your typical denim jacket. It's got that long layered look and it's in a different color. You can also snap the buttons together to make it look more like a shirt. It looks soft and comfortable and would be so pretty with a scarf and a warm red lipstick.
3) Baseball Jacket in Wool Blend- H&M- $59.95- Dark Blue
In other words, a bomber jacket. I love bomber jackets. They take any outfit and automatically make it look cool. Like you just through this outfit on and you look hot. Or you accidently grabbed his baseball jacket without looking and you have what they call style. Blue and grey go with any other color. You could add a cute skirt, knee stockings, wedge boots and a simple shirt, through this jacket over it and DONE! Or grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans, short booties, a white t-shirt, long necklace, hair in ballerina bun and this jacket! This is the type of jacket that you can wear for years.
4) Tinley Road Ada Vegan Leather Trim Blazer- Piperlime- $89- Heather grey/black. Also comes in black and is on sale for $74.50
Ok, so I know this isn't a coat or jacket but I love blazers. Especially for work. I work in an office full of men who love it cold. But I don't want to wear a coat or a jacket all day. So I added this one because you could wear it under your coat to work and then still be cute and stylish all day. Or if you are going out in 60-70 degree weather, this would be the perfect compliment to any outfit. Also, use the code Fall20 but 10/13 to get 20%!
5) Faux Shearling Jacket- Forever 21- $49.80- Beige
I love a light color jacket, especially in the dead of winter. It just looks so gorgeous on every skin tone. But this one takes it to another level. I love the length and the faux fur it has. It adds class without being too trashy or too much. And the fur helps keep you warm without cluttering your outfit. It's slick, sophisticated and beautiful. It's the kind of jacket you wear for girls night out!
6) MAMA Wool-Blend Boucle Coat- H&M- $99- Black Melange
Because my sister in law Angie is pregnant right now, I thought it was only fair to show some love to all the women who are expecting right now. Pregnant women need to keep warm too and look stylish. I didn't know if you knew, but H&M has a wonderful maternity section. And I found this coat there. It has the tie around wrap to help keep it closed around that new growing baby inside. It's warm and stylish. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and the clothes you wear should reflect it. You already stand out in a crowd when you are pregnant, lets add a coat that stands out on its own and adds to the gorgeous glow you are having.  
7) Bleached Denim Jacket- Forever 21- $32.50- Denim Washed
This is my Saturday running around errands look. I love this look. and I love this jacket. I usually prefer a darker jean color jacket but when I saw this, I just knew it was fate. You can also pair this jacket with a long dress and boots. Or throw your hair in a pony tail, throw on some dark skinny jeans, thigh high boots, a funky t-shirt and this jacket and head on over to the local bar with your friends. Because of the color, any hair color will go.
8) Jessica Simpson Plus Size Faux Leather Quilted Moto Jacket- Macy's- $99.99 (marked down from $200)- Red and Black
We all know I hate the word Plus Size. It's just rude. But, just because a girl has a little weight to her doesn't mean she cant be in style. And I love Jessica Simpson's clothing line. I myself by a lot of her shoes and dresses. But when I saw this, I just knew I had to share it with you. I have been looking for a red leather jacket for years. I always see celebrities wear them but when I go to look them up, they always cost like $300 or so. And normally this goes for $200 but they have it 50% off right now! This to me would help someone who is larger look smaller. The way the jacket is shaped and where it falls on the body is very flattering. It shows the beauty of the curves but doesn't flaunt anything you don't want it too. It's just gorgeous. It does come in black as well if red isn't your thing.
9) Textured Woven Coat- H&M- $59.95- Black Melange, Pink, and Black
This is the kind of coat you keep closed when your wearing it. It looks to me more like a dress than a coat. Through on some matching faux leather pants, black heels and this coat and your done. Just don't forget when you get to where you are going that you don't have a top on underneath. Hahaha! It does come in pink or black as well. I loved the pink one too but for some reason, the whole grey and black leather look is so in style this season. This coat does a hint of blue on the inseam which stands out more in person. This is gorgeous Sunday church coat or going to a nice dinner with your man or women, or a play. The main body of the coat is warm, where the leather part is not as much so you wont feel as confined.  
10) (Minus The) Leather Quilted Sleeve Jacket- Express- $96.60- Cognac, Black and Gray
Back to the basics we go. You can not go wrong with a simple leather jacket. It will go with anything you put on. And in any color. Leather is so diverse and it is forgiving and it forms to the shape of your body. Its warm without being clunky. This brown color I had never seen before but am so glad I came across it. The black is gorgeous too. I wasn't a fan of the gray as much but that's because I tend to like a darker jacket/coat for myself. Leather looks good on any size or shaped person. Man or women. It should be a staple (as well as a denim jacket) in your closet.
Well there you have it my fashion forward friends. Now head on over to one of those websites and get yourself a new coat or jacket. You will thank me when you are the stylish one at the party or you get many heads that turn and compliment you. And the fact that you spent under $100 for it!!!!! Done and Done!
Don't forget my All About That Pink Younique Party is going on. I will donate a portion of all sales to Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation. Please follow the link for more information!
Also, one lucky person will win a free Loveable Lip-Gloss for making a purchase. Not only are you help giving back but you could win a freebie as well!!