Thursday, October 2, 2014

You can measure a man by how many lives he has touched. With that being said, my Granddaddy is standing 1000 feet tall today!

A few weeks ago in a previous post I quickly mentioned how proud I was of my Granddaddy. After 38 years, he has decided to retire from Spring Engineers. To hang it up. To sleep in and do whatever he wants. To bother the living daylights out of my Grammy. Last night was his retirement party and boy, was he incredibly loved by that company. My whole family showed up (minus Jake and Stephanie who are at Tech right now). There was some tears, some laughter, some smiles, some hugs, some cake, some presents but mostly there was some love. I tried to capture every moment of it so one day he could look back at this moment in time.
My Granddaddy is one of the last people who can do what he does by hand. It has almost all gone to computers but he still has the gift of doing it by hand. A very rare breed. And you can tell from last night that his fellow employees know that.
You have to understand something, my Granddaddy HATES being the center of attention. He is the quiet one in the background. He is a people watcher (like myself) and he doesn't need the attention. So with that said, I was a little nervous for him. But he did great. That company is like family to him so he felt right at home.
My Granddaddy was and is an amazing bowler, my Grammy too. But my Granddaddy has gotten two 300 rings. If you don't know what that is, it is where you bowl a perfect game. All strikes all the way down. But he didn't just do this on a whim. He actually did it, twice, in competitions, hence the 2 rings. Some day in the future, my dad and his brother get them (even though I have begged for one).
I had such a wonderful time last night hearing all the stories from everyone. Granddaddy kept getting compliment on how beautiful his family was and I must say....I couldn't agree more. God has blessed me with an amazing family and a photogenic one at that!


I have always had a very special connection with my Granddaddy. I've always felt really important to him. He always compliments me and he loves Bobby. And I love that he loves Bobby so much. (which isn't hard to do if you know Bobby). I am so proud of him and all he has done. I pray he finds some fun and laughter and memories on this next journey in life. I love you Granddaddy!