Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Little Gym Birthday Party

Let me start off by saying I am the biggest fan of The Little Gym in Mansfield. Not only did they do my kiddo's birthday right, everything was so well organized and put together. I didn't have to come up with one single idea (besides the theme) nor did I have set up anything. All I did was drop off everything the morning of (decorations, cake, etc.) and they kept it in a secure place for me and when it was go time, set it all up for me. I got there at 5:30 thinking I was going to help and it was DONE! All I had to do was position the cake and donuts in the spot I wanted and that was it. I will recommend anyone to have their child's birthday there. Ask for Rae and Sara to host it. They are a power team and were friends with all the kiddos by the end. Everyone loved them and kept telling me afterwards how awesome it was. Oh and best part, I didn't have to clean up! I could actually enjoy my son's birthday party (even though I helped with a few things and Rae kept telling me to stop :-) ). 

I took SO many photos so I narrowed it down to a few (haha) of my favorites to show you how awesome it all was. If something catches your eye and want to know where it all came from, check the end of this blog for all of that!  

Thank you again to Rae, Sara and Tony for making my kiddos birthday party a HUGE success. And thank you to Little Gym for being such a wonderful, safe establishment for my child!

Decorations, balloons, #2 candle- Party City
Cowboy hat, Woody and Buzz doll- Amazon
Brody's birthday shirt- Emerald Sky
Wooden serving dishes, cake and cake platter- Target
Donuts- Local donut place in Mansfield
Honest juice box- Sams
Pizza- Little Ceasers