Tuesday, August 29, 2017

59 Years

Happy Anniversary to my Grammy and Granddaddy! 59 years today! Most people can't even make it 5, let alone 59. I absolutely love these two people I get to call my grandparents. I have always looked up to them in many ways. They always made being grandparents seem like a lot of fun. Grammy always had her chip drawer stocked for when I would come over and Granddad would always let me try to first fry out of the fryer to make sure it tasted good. It's these little things that stick with me now that I am older. Brody has found a love for them too and I just adore that! 

Grammy and Granddaddy- 
Happy 59th Anniversary. I sure do love the two of you more than words can say. I would say here's to 59 more but good lord that's a long time! So here's to making it to 60 years cause we are going to have the biggest party to celebrate y'all!