Monday, August 21, 2017

Deal of the day

Y'all....Fabletics is having their semi-annual sale and it is so good. They do this twice a year and everything is marked down by so much! $8+ sport bras, $10+ shirts, $15+ pants plus dresses, shorts, skirts, swim wear and accessories. The sale ends this Thursday for VIP members so don't delay! 

Becoming a VIP is super easy. It is $50 a month and you get one outfit of your choosing. If you choose to not want that month, you simply skip by the 5th of the month and you are not charged. If you forget, they do charge you but it goes towards your account, so you would have credit! There stuff is simply the best for workout and everyday life. I practically live in it. 
Please don't hesitate to ask me questions. I know everything about this company. I can also help with sizing if you are curious.