Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One Year Ago

One year ago today I became a stay at home mom. I had no idea driving home that day, the day I got let go, I would actually enjoy being a stay at home mom. To me, it seemed like the worst. I had always worked. I started working at 14 and I had never not known it. It was such a culture shock the first couple of weeks but then something changed in me. It was like over night and my mind couldn't fathom the idea of going back to work. Like just the thought of not seeing him everyday, being with him, watching him grow made me sick to my stomach. And that's when I knew that this is what I had been working my whole life for. That this little creature was/is what life is about. I am super blessed to be a stay at home mom and I tell people all the time. 

Things I have learned: Reasons I have grown: People I have met: Things I have gotten to do:

*I have learned patience. The art of patience is a hard thing. And I don't always succeed (like yesterday) but I have more patience today then I did a year ago. 
*I have learned to laugh at the smallest things. I laugh so many times a day at Brody. Even in this terrible two stage, he still can make me laugh. I feel like I use to be so uptight about things and now, I let things roll of my back and laugh. 
*I feel like I have grown into a better person. I have more respect for people in general. I know what its like to work and have a child and I know how hard it is to be a stay at home mom. It's not easy and I use to think it was. I use to think it wasn't a job. But y'all, it is a 24/7 job. With no holidays. No time off. And NO PAY!
*I have found myself again. I have had more time for the blog and I have had more time for myself. His nap time is my time and I take full advantage of it. 
*If it wasn't for deciding to not to go back to work, I would have never met Gabby and Miguel. And that by far is reason enough these days. I also wouldn't have met our friends at The Little Gym nor would we have met Lina and Isabel. Finding other stay at home moms has been very important and very rewarding. 
*Brody and I get to do whatever we want during the day. We can go explore wherever. We can go see anything. I can give him the opportunity to experience life before he has to start school. I feel like I have the biggest part in his learning/growing so it's incredibly important for him to experience things. 

If for some reason you are on the fence about becoming a stay at home mom, I am here to tell you to do it. If it works for your family and your husband supports it, do it! It's not easy...but it's highly rewarding! Getting to experience things through my child's eyes is the best. I never imagined my life like this year ago...but we don't always know God's plans. We just have to have faith that it all works out and trust that he knows what he is doing!

Also for the record...I am totally not bashing women who work or chose to put their child in daycare. You who work and are moms- you are Wonder Women to me! I have nothing but huge respect for what you do.