Monday, August 28, 2017

Look What You Made Me Do

I have seriously listened to this song more times than I want to admit by Taylor Swift. She released it Thursday and it's been going non stop on Spotify. Last night, at the MTV VMA's, she released the music video and boy is it good. 


Let's go over this video real fast:
~Her thing is the old Taylor is dead. Hence her coming out of the grave. 
~She crashed a fancy car looking like Katy Perry.
~She joined a biker gang.
~She became a BDSM crew leader.
~She's Queen of the Snakes now?
~She lead a crew wearing I <3 TS shirts (Tom Hiddleston reference maybe)
~At the very end, we see Taylor as every other Taylor in every other video or award show. 

People are claiming this song is for Kim (who she dresses up like in the video at one point) and Kanye but no word yet on if this is true. Whoever it is for, I don't care. I just the love the song and the beat. I can't wait for her new CD, Reputation, which drops November 10. You can go ahead and pre-order ~here~ if you want and you know you want to!