Friday, August 11, 2017

Five on Friday

Best Friend Edition- 
Gabby and Miguel got back from Colombia and Lina's family that was in town for a while left so the gang was back together! They missed (and I missed) our bff's like crazy! 

one. These 3!
The three best friends. The three amigos. I love them all dearly. All 3 are so different but that's what works for them. 

two. First Kiss
Totally innocent and totally precious. Yes I encouraged it and Lina's daddy wasn't very happy with me but come on! They are so incredibly cute. 

three. Splash time
Klyde Warren is so much fun and these kiddos had a blast! I got great photos and it wasn't terrible till about 11:15 when it got super hot and crowded. 

four. Lucky
They have fun together and us mom's have fun together. Brody and I are very lucky to have Gabby/Miguel and Lina/Isabel! 

five. Blessed
Ok not the kiddos but it's me and my kid and I just love him and his adventurous ways.