Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On Wednesday's we wear pink!

This, my blog friends, is a post about a few special girls that blessed me with their presence on my very special wedding day!

They are from left to right...
Abigail Davenport, Kristen Lewis, Tiffany Weddel, myself, Kara Smith, Angie Talbert and Heather Wu

Let me tell you a little bit about each of them!

Let's start with my matron of big sis...Kara Smith!

 Gorgeous right! I met Kara on June 29, 1985. Well I don't remember meeting her, but she remembers the day she met me. I changed her whole world. We have always been close. We are far enough apart that we are close enough to remain friends. If you have a sister, you understand there is this bond that never goes away. No matter how long you haven't seen each other or talk to one another. She and my husband are so much alike it's scary. When they get around one another, you are surely going to laugh. My sister is the best. She would go to bat for me every time. She is one of my best friends and was always a 2nd mom to me. It's in her nature to take care of me (except all those times Tim broke her heart and she would come home crying...then it was my turn. (for the record, she married Tim and they have a beautiful life) )and I wouldn't want it any other way. I love you Kara for being you and keeping me safe and always making me laugh.

Let's move on over to my "other big sis", Tiffany Weddel.

I met Tiffany through a mutual friend at the time in 2005. She was pregnant and was looking for a nanny and I was looking for a job, so I became the nanny she needed. At first, it was a job. But something between Tiffany and I clicked. I was the little sister she never had and she was the friend I had always wanted. Tiffany is something else. She's wild and crazy and is an incredible business women. She's extremely loyal and would take care of you in the drop of a hat. She is the type that if she found out someone was talking s**t about you, she would fight them if it came down to it. And trust me, you don't want to take her on. After her first went to school, I stopped working for her for a little bit but our friendship stayed strong. Then she got pregnant with twins and asked me to come back full time so of course I did! I share the god-mother role of the twins with Heather, an honor I was so shocked to be given. I love you Tiffany. I don't get to see you as much anymore due to scheduling but when I do, it's like no time has past. You will always be my adopted older sister and a part of my family.  

Speaking of Heather, let me introduce you to her.
Mrs. Heather Wu.

I met Heather about a month after I met Tiffany. She was pregnant with her 2nd boy. This was November and she was due in December. I didn't see Heather again till after Tiffany's first was born, in January 2006. Heather would come over to Tiffany's house a couple of times and I always thought how kind she was. I didn't really get to know Heather till a few years later. But let me tell you, Heather is the most sweetest person in the world. She always has a kind word to say. I have only ever seen her get mad a few times but even then, she had this calming to her. She's fun, energetic and is Tiffany's best friend. Where there's one, there's both. I would keep her boys, Max and Owen a few nights a week. She became this friend over night and my wedding would have not been the same without her. She's always there for me. She calls me Noodle, still to the day. I am going to be 60 years old one day and she will still be calling me Noodle. (she got noodle from Dan Dan Noodles, it just got shortened to noodle). I love you Heather and I will always have a friend in you, no matter where life takes us.

Let's move on to Bobby's sister, Angie Talbert.

Angie is actually the first Lewis I hit it off with. I met her at Hurricane Harbor one day when Bobby and I went when we first started dating in 2004.  I automatically fell in love with her. She's spunky, and full of life. She's dramatic and can sing and is the most bubbly person I know. Besides her mother, I have never heard anyone talk longer on the phone. But the whole time she's happy and full of character. I would be exhausted if I was her. She's beautiful and has had more hair changes than anyone I know.  She's energetic and always has a kind word to say. I always get complimented when I am around her. It's like she knows when I don't feel pretty, because it's those times she always tells me something about me is pretty. I love that about Angie. She's an amazing sister in law and a wonderful best friend of mine. Angie, I am super blessed that Bobby has a sister I can love so much and loves me back.

Mrs. Abigail Davenport

I met Abby through church. Well kind of. Her and her husband Luke moved here from Houston so she could finish dental hygienist school. Abby played softball through college so when they joined the church and joined the Sunday school, they put together a co-ed team. I at the time did not go to Tyler Street on a regular bases so I didn't met Abby till the first softball game. They needed a girl and since I played for so long, I said I would play. We automatically hit it off. I knew when I met her, she was going to be one of my good friends. We honestly don't have much in common, but I think that's what keeps our friendship so strong. Abby is one of the most naturally beautiful women I know. She's a hunter and a cook. She will wake up at 5am, go hut a hog, kill it and clean it, is in church all by 10am. She's amazing. I always love what Abby is cooking. I know my husband wishes I was more like Abby but sorry...I am not a hunter nor do I like to cook. I am very sad now because recently Abby had a baby girl and they decided to move back to Houston to be with family. I do not blame her but for selfish reasons, I want her here with me. I love you Abigail and thank you for an amazing friendship and amazing food. Your cornbread to this day is my all time favorite!  
oh and I miss you

Last but not least...Kristen Lewis

What can I say about Kristen. Holy moly I love this girl. She's funny and has the biggest sense of humor. When she get's mad, she lets you know. She's honest and opinionated but she also has one of the biggest hearts I know. I really didn't get to know Kristen till I went on vacation with her and the Lewis' the summer of '05. But ever since then, we have been great friends. She married Bobby's brother, Billy in 2006. Kristen is my Prosecco friend. We love drinking bubbly together. I always have a good time with Kristen. We think alike and act alike. She's just funnier and louder than me. Kristen is a very giving person. She doesn't take crap from no one and isn't afraid to voice her feelings. I love everything about Kristen. I can tell her anything and I know its safe. She never criticizes me for my decisions or tells me I'm doing something wrong. She believes people make their own mistakes and shouldn't be judge based on it (I am like that too. What you do is up to you. I am not the ruler of the Earth). Kristen, I love you and I love that our friendship has turned into something so incredibly strong. You are good for me because you help keep me honest.

Wait...I am missing something.

Oh that's right...what is a wedding without your flower girls. These 2 are as much my girls then the ones featured above.

Campbell Jade Weddel

Remember how I told you I kept Tiffany's oldest. Well meet her...This is Campbell and she's my girl. I love everything about her. I was there the day she was born and I hopefully will be there all the other important days of her life, if I am lucky enough. Besides my bridesmaids, Campbell was the first decision I made in my wedding. I knew she had to be my flower girl. She was and is a big part of why I want children. She's spunky and sassy and everything girly. I don't get to see Campbell much but I always love when I do. I love seeing where she is in life and about all the things she is learning. She's super smart and bright and full of life. I can't wait to see what Campbell becomes one day. Whatever it is, it's going to be fabulous!
I love you sweet Cami!

My other flower girl, I have already introduced to you here, but let me again have you meet Landry Kate Smith!

You talk about one of the biggest joys in my life. The day my sister had Landry, it changed my world forever. I love everything about Landry. She's funny and so sweet. Her personality is through the roof and she is so smart. She's this tiny sponge that I sometimes have to be careful around. When ever we go out to eat, she makes sure that what I am eating is gluten free. She will even ask me on the menu what can I eat. She knows I love wine and that she can't have any yet until she's an adult. (I am such a wonderful influence on this child!) Landry is my heart and I can't wait to see all the little things she accomplishes in life.
I love you Lou!

I want to give a shout out to Mrs. Becca Egger for taking my wonderful wedding photos. If you ever need a photographer, she's the women! She's amazing at capturing the small things that you will love later. And she's amazing with children. She has a spunky attitude so it transpires onto the children. They love Becca and so will you and so do I! Here is her blog if you want more info!

Thank you to you 6 for making my day that much better. I love you all. You are all so different and bring so much happiness to me.
God bless you for putting up with me  :)

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