Thursday, July 24, 2014

My 4-legged children

If you know me, you might be shocked that I haven't done a post on 2 of my things in the whole wide world! I can not live without these 2. My whole world would crumble in a small hole if I ever could not have these 2 things in my life. What are these 2 things you ask?
Bullet and Dash Lewis- my babies, my dogs, my pups, my loves, my children, 2/3 of my whole world!
Let me introduce you to Bullet Lewis. Bobby and I started dating in 2004 and 3 years later, we decided we were missing something in our lives. I had wanted to adopt my own dog but living with my parents at the time, I didn't want to bring my own dog in and have it mess up anything of my parents. Bobby also wanted a dog so we compromised that it would stay with Bobby at his parents house. After much research and back in forth on what we wanted, we discovered French Bulldogs. We found this kennel place all the way up in Kansas that had a few for sell in our price range. They had named him Momma's boy and he was already 3 months old. The website said because he was older than the rest, he kept getting past over. It broke my heart. So Bobby and I got in the car and drove over 6 hours to get him. As we were leaving, he raced over to the fence and put his paws on it, like he was saying goodbye to all his friends. We got the name Bullet from the show The O.C. He was this big Texas Oil Typhoon character that had a lot of money and a lot of charisma and was funny. Bullet also has a bull's-eye on the top of his head, so it just fit.

Bullet is such a character. He's funny and cute and has the BEST personality in the world. He's quirky and very stubborn. He snorts like a pig and snores a lot! He sleeps a lot and he doesn't like water. He doesn't need a lot of exercise but we do make sure he gets up and moves around some. He likes to be in the same room where you are. He hates closed doors. He craves attention and loves to be touched and we sometimes call him Bully. He's on guard around his food and he must be watched when he eats or he will try to eat other dogs food. French Bulldogs are seriously one of the best dogs in the world. They need very little and require not much maintenance . They are also good for people who have allergies.

Bullet- I love you so much. You brighten my day every day. You always smell like Fritos and you always make me laugh. I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world. You are my first and every dog I have lives up to your standards. You are a great example. Muah :)

After Bobby and I moved into our new home in May of 2012, we still just had Bullet. And to me, Bullet seemed a little lonely. He had always lived with other dogs and I hated him being by himself. So Bobby and I talked for a while about getting another but this time, I knew I wanted to adopt one from a Shelter. We went in thinking we would walk out with a 2 or 3 year old, but Bullet didn't like any of them. We took him with us because he mattered more, We didn't want him not liking what we brought home and it not work out. So in August of 2013, at Denton Animal Shelter, there we were in the little room going through a few dogs. I heard Bobby say "Babe, you need to come check this guy out. You're going to love him." I look over and in this small cage is this 3 month old white lab getting his picture taken. I grabbed the girl and said "I want to look at him!" She told me ok but said I had to wait till his photo shoot was done. I heard this other lady to my right tell her husband she wanted to see him so I turned to the shelter girl and told her ' I was here first!" So once his shoot was over, she pulled him and handed him to me and I knew at that moment I couldn't let go. I just prayed Bullet loved him. I sat him down and Bullet ran straight to him. They just started playing. I looked at Bobby and he knew. So we paid our money and 3 days later, Bobby picked him up. We got the name Dash from The Incredible's movie. My mom always said that Bobby looked like the character Dash so when we saw him, it just fit.
Dash is the sweetest dog ever. He's is also the most cuddly. He has to be touching you. He loves to swim and run around. He hates squirrels and how dare one jump into his backyard!! Dash is actually a white lab mix (and after much research I found out he is mixed with Blue Lacy). Dash is my dog. He follows me everywhere I go. He can't stand to be away from me. When I go running, he waits for me at the window and usually cries for a while I'm told. Doesn't matter how long I go, he will wait. He sleeps next to me and when we sit on the couch, he's sits next to me. He's the type of dog that actually stares you in the eyes, like he's looking into your soul. He's the closest thing to human I have ever seen. He gets his feelings hurt and he pouts. I call him Little cause it's like a little person is attached to me. We also call him Dasher around Christmas time :)

Dash- My life would not be same without you. You are the best gift given to me. The amount of love you give me in one day, people look for their whole lives. You love Bullet and I love how crazy you are. I love that you swim and cuddle and have this calming presence to you. I love you my little!
These boys of mine I can not brag enough about. I know people may think I am crazy but I don't care. If you spend one day with my dogs, you get it. I love that they love one another. They play so well together. Bobby and I are truly blessed!
This is the day we got Dash! Bullet was happy, trust me. He just didn't like the 20 dogs around him barking!!

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