Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Canon Camera

I am so excited. Wanna know why? Before I tell you must know a little back story.
I use to own a camera. A very nice expensive camera. A Nikon D3000. It was perfect for me. It had just the right amount of features and was a little heavy but light enough to carry around. I took that camera everywhere. I was always snapping away.
If you noticed, I said I use to own. Right after Christmas of 2012, it got stolen. From either inside of Bobby's car or the inside of my house, which is scary to me to think that someone I let inside of my house took it! Bobby and I searched for days for that camera. Called all my family members to search bags and their homes, thinking maybe I left it somewhere. That's how I know it got stolen. Which saddens me because it still had a sim card in it and I will never get those pictures back. The pictures are what's important to me, the camera is just a machine.  
I love taking pictures and find myself to be quite good at it. I love looking through a lens and finding that right moment to capture. I really love when someone is not looking and I try to find that moment of pure joy or I try to find that quick smile between a couple. I really love taking photos of children. Children already have such a bright face so you add any kind of emotion to that and a camera picks it up. Taking pictures of Landry, Colton, Kent, Hayden and Billie Marie is my favorite thing to do. Since the camera got stolen before Hayden and Billie Marie, I have not really been able to photograph them, except with my cell phone. Landry was my main suspect in all my photos and when ever I could, I would of the boys. So I had to go through Kara's pregnancy and Kristen's pregnancy and the births of both Hayden and Billie Marie without a camera. You talk about rough as an aunt and sister. Kristen and Angie both have the same cameras so Kristen would always let me borrow it when I needed to do photo shoots or anything like that. (thank you Kristen)!
SO with that said, I think I bitched enough to Bobby that he finally got tired of me bitching and finally agreed that he would buy me a new one. (since it's kind of his fault it got stolen but we wont go into that). So I took all my birthday money and went exploring. I decided to go in with an open mind. I wasn't sure if I wanted the same camera or find something new. Nikon and Canon are the big names when it comes to DSLR cameras, so I knew I wanted one of those. So I went to Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Staples, Office Max, & Office Depot to see if I could find anything I wanted. I got really frustrated because I couldn't get the one I really wanted to see to work. Best Buy was sold out and it wouldn't turn on. Target was sold out and wouldn't turn on. Walmart didn't have one on display so I had to open the box to see if I liked it but there's was $100 over what Target and Best Buy was. (come on Walmart...aren't you supposed to be the cheapest place to shop!). Staples, Office Max and Office Depot don't sale DSLR cameras, only small handheld cameras. I knew Bobby was getting to the point of no return with me so I told him to take me back to Best Buy and we would decide. This very nice man helped us this time and told me that the camera I picked was one of the best cameras out there. Small enough but good quality. Said he didn't have any stock (which I already knew) and the next camera up from it was over $200 more so I knew Bobby would never go for it (since it was practically the same damn camera just had a higher pixel). The guy said he would check to see if any surrounding cities had any in stock. And sure enough, the other one in Irving did. He called them and they held it for me. So Bobby went and picked it up for me on Monday and I had to wait for it to charge so I finally didn't get to actually play with it till last night!
So what did I get you ask?
I decided on a Canon EOS Rebel T3. I did my research between Nikon and Canon. I did love my Nikon but there is something about Canon that in reviews, people just raved over. I spoke with people who have cameras and they all told me Canon over Nikon. It's more user friendly, it's lighter in weight and it takes amazing photos. The features on it are almost the same as my old Nikon, it just nicer to me.
 So last night I played around. My husband made a yummy dinner that I photographed and will be sharing that recipe with you in a few weeks. It was Spaghetti Squash with a homemade meat sauce and a yummy yogurt Ceaser salad. So be looking out for the pictures and recipe to that.
I am so excited to have a camera again. And I am so glad I did the research. Camera's are not cheap so you want to make sure you are buying what fits for you and fits for your lifestyle. I can't wait to take pictures again and share them with you.
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