Monday, July 21, 2014

Lewis Vacation

Have you missed me? Because I have missed you!! I went on vacation with the Lewis side of the family to Galveston so I decided to take a little break on the blogging. But I am back and in full force. This week I am going to share a few of my favorite vacation pictures I took (remember, I got a new camera and I am so in love with it. Just wait till you see the amazing photos I captured). I am also going to share 2 gluten free recipes my husband makes for me for dinner that are really easy and simple to do and make. And are yummy even for the children. They are:
Spaghetti Squash with a semi homemade tomato meat sauce (and by semi homemade I mean, we use an already made tomato sauce in a can and add our own meat and spices to it). 
Lettuce-wrap Burgers!
Today's blog is about my wonderful Galveston vacation. The Lewis family goes to Galveston every year. It's only about a 5-6 hour drive (depending on how many pee stops you have to make). This is my 9th year to go, 5th house to stay at. This house by far was the best. I was too busy taking pictures of the kids that I totally forgot to take pictures of the house! But lets say...if this house was in Dallas, it would go for about $700,000! It was that gorgeous. Everything was brand new and updated and every couple had their own room and their own bathroom. Even the kiddos had their own bunk bed room and bathroom! I took over 500 pictures while I was there and by the time I filtered through them all, I believe there was about 250+. I promise to not put them all on here. I only want to show you a few of my favorites I snapped. Before we left, my husband and Billy went in halves for a jet ski! So that came along with us. I am not one for riding on the jet ski but everyone else loved it.  



Half of the reason my trip was so wonderful was because of these 3 children below! I love being an aunt so much and these kiddos make it so easy for me to be! I got a lot of time with Billie Marie, I got to watch the boy of all boys, Kent, splash in and out of the water and I got to sit with Colton and watch him play games on his Kindle. Love them so much and I love my Lewis family!  



I also wanted to let you know that I have a new Younique party started. This time I am giving away a 3D fiber lash to one lucky winner! Make any purchase and you have a chance to be that winner! Here is the link for you have access to that particular party!