Thursday, July 31, 2014

Give me a got your C you got your C, give me an A...A...oh never mind. Cauliflower mash

Who doesn't love mashed potatoes. But sometimes, they can get to starchy or we add too many condiments to them and the calories add up. Or maybe you have a child that loves mashed potatoes but won't eat any vegetables. And you might be saying..."Dani, a potato IS a vegetable" and you would be correct. But most of the time, a potato is classified nutritionally as a starchy food. 
So back to your kids not eating 'vegetables'! Especially something that looks like a big, fuzzy, plant. From all the children I ever kept (around 1,000 to brag a little), children are visual eaters. They like to see what they eat. And as adults we do the same, we have just trained our brains to see something and automatically know we don't like it. But as a child, they are just learning how to do that. If my mom had showed me a cauliflower and told me I was going to eat it and like it, I would have told her no. It's not that appealing to the eye. But my cleaver husband has come up with a way for us to eat them. And it's a good thing because the nutritional value of a cauliflower is amazing. 
Nutrition Facts: Cauliflower
Amount Per 1 head medium (5-6" dia.) (588 g)
            Calories 146               % Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.6 g                     2%
Saturated fat 0.4 g             2%
Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g
Monounsaturated fat 0.1 g
Trans fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg              0%
Sodium 176 mg              7%
Potassium 1,758 mg         50%
Total Carbohydrate 29 g      9%
Dietary fiber 12 g               48%
Sugar 11 g
Protein 11 g                      22%
Vitamin A 0%    Vitamin C 47%
Calcium 12%        Iron 13%
Vitamin D 0%   Vitamin B-6 55%
Vitamin B-12 0%   Magnesium 22%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
FeedbackSources include: USDA

See! For the whole cauliflower it's only 146 calories! And the amount of protein and vitamin C you get from just one blows my mind. 

So on to the part you really want to know. How to turn a cauliflower into 'mashed potatoes'!  Again, I will show you step by step in pictures and then at the end, list all the ingredients you will need/want for this. 

Take a large stock pot and fill it about a little over half way with water. Place your steamer in the pot. You want the bottom of your steamer and the water to touch. If you have added to much water, just dump a little out. Place the pot on the stove and turn the stove to high. The you take a cutting board and a shark knife and cut off the stem of the cauliflower. 

You then cut the cauliflower into large pieces, as shown below. 

After the water comes to a boil, you put the cut up cauliflower into the steamer part of the pot and cover it with a lid. 

It will start to steam and making a boiling, rattling sound. This is completely normal. Take the lid off after 3-5 minutes and with a fork, start to mash them a little. You are mainly trying to just break up the pieces so they can start to form into a mashed potato look alike. 

Put the lid back on after you have done a simple mashing around. After 10 minutes it is ready. With a pot holder, take out the steamer part that holds you cauliflower and place the cauliflower into a large enough bowl. 

(as you can tell, my husband doesn't follow the rules and use a pot holder, but please do so to avoid burning yourself) 

This is what our steamer looks like. We got it from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

You can then add all the extra ingredients you like. Because cauliflower is so good for you, we dont feel as guilty adding a little butter or cheese or sometimes, even BACON!!!! Mmmmmm...bacon! Just add whatever you like (or your children like) and mash it all around with a fork. Just keep stirring until you have the same kind of texture as potatoes. 

This is what we used that night. Every time we change it up. Sometimes he will add a laughing cow cheese and that is amazing. 

And that is pretty much it. It really is simple to make. And again, you can make it how ever you want it. Or the way your children will eat. I have learned to not let them watch you when you make it. If they don't know what it is, they usually will at least try it. Especially if they see cheese and bacon staring them in the face. 
That evening we made it with steak ka-bobs. 

So the ingredients you will need no matter what you add to it is:
Large pot with matching lid
Cutting board
Sharp Knife
1 head of Cauliflower 
Pot holder
Large bowl for mixing 

And then anything you want to add: butter, cheese, bacon, laughing cow cheese, salt, pepper, garlic, cream cheese, etc. 

I should receive my Quest Protein Chips in the mail tonight so be on the look out for my post on them tomorrow. 
As well as I take on the new Lay's Potato Chip flavors and post on them next week! 
(you must sing the next part to the Tune of the Shots song)  
Chips, chips, chips, chips, chips, chips
chips, chips, chips, chips, chips
chips, chips, chips, chips, chips
:) :) :) :) :) 

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