Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's read together

So one of my best friends, Julie Cordova, is one of the fastest readers I know. She can finish a book in like 2 days. She's an inspiration to me when it comes to reading...and I just happen to absolutely adore her! This is my ride or die chick, Julie!
I have always loved to read. I love picking up a book and just getting lost in it. My husband bought me a kindle but I just can't get into reading books off it. There is something about a hardback in your hands, rested on your lap or table with a cup of coffee or glass of wine at night. (for the record, I do read the Bible on my kindle. I love the Bible on the kindle). I read all kinds of books. I have read all the Twilight's, all the Hunger Games. I read mysteries and science fiction. I read about murders and sex and love. I read the cheesy books and the books that are made for 15 year olds (don't judge. They are good). Right now I am reading the 10th book in a 12 book series called the House of Night. I love books that I can read easily. I don't mind a hard to read book, but it has to be interesting and keep my attention. Like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, that was a hard read but so worth it! Once I got started, I couldn't stop reading them.
So with that said, I am so glad I have Julie because she keeps me on track with my books. I found this website with a whole bunch of must read books. I bought the book Serena for my up-coming Galveston trip. They are making this book into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence as Serena and Bradley Cooper as her husband (can you say...hot hot hot...and amazing chemistry between these two!). The book itself is set in the 1930's North Carolina where Serena and George are married. He runs a timber company. Without giving to much away...something happens to George and Serena must take over the timber company. George has an affair and a love child and drives Serena to major jealously issues because of something Serena cant do. Since I have not read it, I don't know how it ends but I cant wait to find out. It's a story how a women with all odds against her is able to stand up for herself and take over her life.
I have seen it with this cover.
And Amazon sells it with this cover.
I love books about strong women. I don't always agree but I find it to be empowering on a level. After I am done with Serena, I am moving on to the following books: Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Objects, The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Book of Common Prayer, Devil's Knot and Every Secret Thing. This is going to be a lot to get through but I am ready for the challenge. Bring on the summer vacations of sitting on a beach and reading!

A quick note on each of the books I plan on reading (just in case you might be interested): 
Gone Girl- going to be a movie with Ben Affleck. It's a story about a wife that suddenly goes missing and everyone blames the husband. He in turn searches for her and finds a mysterious past about her. 

Dark Places- about a young girl who witnesses her family's brutal murder and she has to testify in court on who did it. Years later, a secret society has her help them try to disprove the killer she put away. She again finds herself on the run for a killer.
Sharp Objects- about a girl who gets out of a psych hospital and is reunited with her family she barely knows. She is put on investigation of 2 young girl's murders and she must face her own demons she deals with.

(on a side note... Gone Girl, Dark Places and Sharp Objects are all written by Gillian Flynn)

The Picture of Dorian Grey- this was written by Oscar Wilde. It's a story about a young man who wants to be perfect. A friend of his draws a painting of Dorian and Dorian in return makes a wish that instead of him growing old and hurting, his picture does. All I can say is...be careful what you wish for! This book has been turned into a movie a long time ago but I am dying to read this!  

A Book of Common Prayer- this was written by Joan Didion. It's a story about 2 different women who live on opposite sides of the track and how they each figure out other people based on the lives they lead.

 Devil's Knot- written by Mara Leveritt. This is based on a true story about the West Memphis Three. This is a movie with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth that was made back in March 2014. The story follows 3 boys who supposedly killed 8 year old boys. Its about their trial and their convictions and how they made it out of jail.
Every Secret Thing- written by Laura Lippman. This book was made into a movie and was released in April 2014 with Dakota Fanning, Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Danielle McDonald. It's about two 11 year old girls who come across an unattended baby in a stroller. The baby dies and both girls go to jail. Years later they are released but the town wants nothing to do with them. The mystery involves which one did it and which was duped and how two 11 year olds could be so different.

I would love for each and every one of you to read along with me. So go buy the book Serena and lets read it together! Once I am done reading it, I will write a review on it and I will have spoilers. If you are anything like me, you read the back to the book first. I know I know that's awful but I read the last chapter and then start at the beginning. I'm weird like that!