Monday, July 28, 2014

How to perfectly dress your salad

So last week I told you to remind me to show you how my husband dresses our nightly salad in a really easy, simple way. And it also let's him measure how much dressing he actually uses so he doesn't over dress or under dress our salad. Seriously, this is the easiest thing and it takes like 20 seconds and every leaf of lettuce is perfectly dressed! Ok are you ready for this...
(If you can tell, I don't cook. I do love to bake but I don't do if often cause we don't eat sweets. But I love watching cooking shows and I love watching my husband and finding out all these simple, easy techniques he uses to help you out. And I love taking pictures and I love blogging and sharing so Bobby and I make a perfect team!)

Take any kind of lettuce you like and place it in a large Tupper-wear container. If you like to add condiments: tomatoes, cheese, bacon, eggs, whatever...go ahead and add it in as well. Just make sure that your Tupper-wear is big enough to hold it all and shake.

Then take whatever dressing you like and place it on top. How much you add is up to you. Bobby knows how much we like but at first he didn't. So he added a little bit and shook it and realized he didn't add enough. You can do the same.

This is the dressing we use, 98% of the time. It is seriously so delicious and is so much better for you than all those fatty dressings. No judgment if you like plain ole ranch. I'm just simply saying that there are better alternatives (because this comes in ranch too...just saying!)

After you have added your dressing, put the lid on it and shake it like a polaroid picture. Come on shake, shake shake, shake it, shake shake, shake it…shake it like a polaroid picture!
 Sorry...had to do that!

After about 15-20 seconds your salad should be ready to put on your plate. (and can even have your kids do the shaking. Give them something to help you with. They will love it!)
Perfectly dressed salad, ready to eat.

So easy right?! The things my husband comes up with to entertain himself sometimes works out so perfectly.

Later this week, I will show you my husbands version of mashed potatoes that will have your kids not even realizing they are eating vegetable's because instead of potatoes, he uses cauliflower! My stomach does jumping jacks when I think amazing and so good and really easy too!

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