Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Summer list

I plan on having a fun, busy summer with Brody. He is going to be at a fun age and I want him staying busy and having lots of fun. I plan on putting him in a church preschool two days a week come August so I want to make the most out of my full-time with him. 

Here is what I have planned: 

*I am buying us a Ft. Worth zoo membership. Brody is free this year (he will be free till he is 3) so it is only for me. I am going to get the guest pass one that allows me to bring anyone for free with me: $75

*I am buying us a Hawaiian Falls membership. Brody is free this year (he will be free till he is 3). I plan on going with the Gold pass which allows me to bring anyone for free with me, 1 cabana rental, 1 locker each visit and a Season Cooler pass (which allows me to bring food/drink items in): $355

*Bobby bought a Dallas Aquarium pass a few weeks back and I plan on getting myself one: $40 (for us both to have one)

*We have a summer vacation planned with the Lewis side and I have no idea what that cost haha but it's going to be a week of fun in Galveston! 

*We are trying to plan a small getaway just the 3 of us sometime in September so that's going to be a lot of fun as well! 

*The Little Gym and Swim Lesson's will more than likely be the same (well start swim lessons again in May). I have no reason to quit those. He loves them. Just gonna have to work out our new schedule.

*My mom and dad have a pool so I am going to try to get over there when I can for him to play: FREE

*I plan on eating Ice Cream out at least twice a week and teaching him the fine art of S'mores. I want lazy summer nights, blow up pool in the backyard and tan bodies. 

I seriously can't wait for Summer with him. He may not remember this summer, but I will! 
If anyone is interested in joining in our summer fun (minus the vacations)...we would love for you to join us!