Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Super Bowl Commercials

We all know I mostly watch The Super Bowl for the commercials. I am not going to lie. Even though this year, Lady Gaga was my MAIN reason for watching because I just adore her. 

Is it just me but were there a lot of commercials for movies? It was like every other one was for a movie. Yes, there are a lot of good movies coming out and Yes, The Super Bowl is the best time to promote them but where was the Clydesdale's or the funny Doritos commercial? I don't want my horses mixed in with an immigration commercial, I want them with puppies! And I don't want Doritos to come from Amazon, I want them to come from a flying pig! 

But I made a list of my favorite commercials this year and thought I would share. Let me know what you favorites were (if any).

Let's start out with my favorite:
It goes to Mr. Clean. I laughed so hard at this commercial. Bobby wasn't home and as soon as it was over I texted him and told him that was us (he's the one that cleans). 
Hey...we're married. It's cool.

The next are in no particular order. They are just ones that I really enjoyed or thought had a good message.

And this is the commercial that had me in tears. They didn't show you the whole commercial because it's over 5 minutes long but what they did show, had me wanting to go see the whole thing. Below is the whole commercial. WATCH IT! I am not political at all but I am a mom so that is why I love this. 

And the BEST thing I saw all night was the new Stranger Things clip telling me I have to wait till Halloween to watch!