Friday, February 17, 2017

Five on Friday

one. My sis
Over the weekend, my mom, sis, myself and my Aunt Karen went to Granbury to see Steal Magnolias for my aunt's bday. I got this picture of me and my sis and I love it. I don't see her nearly as much as I like so I take full advantage when I do. 

two. Fabletics
So, it's no secret I love Fabletics. But did you know they also sell clothes for everyday, not just working out. I bought this shirt on a whim and LOVE it. It's stylish and comfy and sexy without being revealing. And I didn't have to wear a bra and that is a win in my book! 

three. Last weekend
Speaking of last weekend, what beautiful weather we had and I was thankful for that. I love spending time with my Aunt Karen. She's funny, loud, tells it how it, smart and can sing. She also loves Kara and I like we are her own. I am a lot like her in ways. Funny how there is one blonde and one brunette between each set of sisters! 

four. Black eyed pea burgers
Bobby called me from the grocery store on Valentines and asked me what I wanted him to make for dinner. We talked about steak and all that fancy food but about 2 minutes of discussing, it lead me to think of his black eyed pea burgers. So that's what he made me. I am going to share the recipe one day either next week or the following. They are amazing. They taste like a Quarterpounder (no cheese but you could if you wanted) from McD's. I am just drooling thinking of them! 

five. Reminder
Every so often I need a reminder that I don't need to look a certain way. Sometimes I get to much in my head and think how I need to lose this or I don't need to eat that. And I get down in the dumps when I do. So I keep this photo in my photo wheel as a reminder that beauty is every size. To love me for me and that being healthy is different for everyone.