Monday, February 6, 2017


Emerald Sky is having a sale and LORD is it a great one!

Let's take a look at a few of my favorites and at the end of this blog I have discount codes for you to use at checkout!!!! WIN WIN

One of my favorites for Brody is this bear shirt. 

And a few I have in my closet are these. 

They redid their #girlmom shirt. I don't own this shirt but if I had a girl, you best believe I would! 

They also sale this awesome men's shirt. Comes in red and blue. 

And there are few shirts like this one (which I have) that are on sale, so you would be getting a double sale! 


Here are codes: 
Use the code ES10 to save 10% on any tee or ES20 to save 20% on two or more!!!! The promotion ends Friday 02/10.
They are also offering $1 shipping! 

(this one is on sale too and Ranger season is sooooo close)

I find that the children's shirts run true to size and I am a small in their shirts, which most of the time is true to size. I find them to be super soft and wash very well. I was not given free merchandise for this. I am promoting this company because I simply love it and think you will too. You can get to their website by clicking Emerald Sky here or at the beginning of this blog.