Monday, February 27, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 11: Hostiles and Calamities

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now.

Tonight's episode starts with Dwight and Negan's men standing over the dead body of Joey and Dwight takes off running to look for Daryl. All while Negan and trucks pull up. Dwight realizes Daryl escaped. Negan's men pull Eugene out of back of truck and takes him to Negan. Dwight finds a messed up room and realizes Daryl had been there. Laura takes Eugene down to the cells and takes him into a room and offers him some food. Eugene locks the door after she leaves. In the fridge he notices food and beer. He goes to the CD player and presses play and it plays Easy Street and he starts to move a little. Dwight finds the 'go now' note that was left for Daryl. There is a knock on his door and when he opens it, Negan's men come in and beat him up. * Dwight is in a cell now and Negan comes to visit him. He tells him that when he came back from looking for Daryl, he was short a wife. Dwight ask who and he says Sherry (who is Dwight's ex-wife) and Dwight says it wasn't her. Negan finds that interesting and wants to know if he knows something. Then Negan ask who Dwight is and he says he's Negan. Negan then opens the door and ask Dwight if he knows where Sherry might have gone and sends him on his way to look for her. The doctor stitches Dwight up before he leaves and he thinks Sherry did it. Because she has a kind heart and saw the situation Daryl was in. Dwight goes back to his room to get some things and then leaves. * Laura takes Eugene on a tour of the compound and then takes him out to see Negan. Negan tells Eugene to not be an asshole and say hello. Then he ask his people who they are and they say "I am Negan". Negan and Eugene talk about the bullet in Lucille and he wants to know how he made the bullet. Eugene tells him. Then proceeds to tell him how smart he is. Negan wants to know how he can keep the walkers who guard his place from falling apart. Eugene proceeds to tell him how and Negan loves it. As a token of his gratitude, he wants to send Eugene some of his wives to have a nice evening with him, but no sex. Eugene says thank you and when he walks away with Laura, he smiles. * Eugene is in his room with the wives, Frankie, Tanya and Amber, playing video games and drinking. One of the girls, Frankie, offers Eugene a massage but he declines. Tanya says they can have an educated discussion and he likes that idea. They want to talk about the Human Genome project and he says no because it is classified. But he can show them how to make a bomb and they want him to prove it. So they take him outside with all the items he needs and he proceeds to show them how to make a bomb. They call him Dr. Eugene now too. They love the science experiment and hug all over him. Next day we see Dwight searching for Sherry. He goes to their old home and finds a note she wrote to him and he compares the 'Go Now' note to match handwriting. In the note she confesses to letting Daryl go and that she can't go back because he will have her killed. Back with Eugene that evening, the girls come back and ask for Eugene's help. They need help with Amber. Amber wants the girls help to end her life and they think Eugene could make something for her to just fall asleep. Amber can't live like this anymore and just wants to die. They tell him he is good people and Eugene ask her for her weight. He needs it for the right dosage. * Eugene is down in the common area to get things and cuts in front of everyone for something he needs. The lady barks at him and he comes back at her, telling her how he is in direct contact with Negan, so that's means she works for him. She apologizes and gives him what he needs. He goes back to his room to make the pills for Amber. The doctor ask Dwight if he found her and he says he killed her. Laura takes Eugene down to the furnace area and everyone is there and they all bow when Negan comes in. Negan takes Lucille to the doctors arm and says he found this note inside his jacket, and shows a note that looks like the one Sherry wrote. The doctor deny's it. Negan thinks the doctor let Daryl out for Sherry's behalf. The Doctor says she's the one who ran and Negan say's it's because she thought he would blame her so she ran. Dwight takes out the hot iron and hands it to Negan who puts it up to the doctors face and tells the doctor to tell him the truth and he won't do it so the doctor says it was him. Negan backs off and then throws the doctor into the fire. Negan thanks Dwight for telling him what happened and looks up at Eugene and says he is glad they have another doctor in the building. * Eugene is back in his room playing video games when Frankie and Tanya come in. They want to know if he is alright and if he made the pills. He says yes but they can't have them. He figured out they wanted him to make them for Negan and when the girls threaten to tell Negan, he says he won't believe them. They are replaceable and he is not. They call him a coward and he agrees and they leave. There is a knock on Eugene's door and when he opens it, Negan is standing there. Negan wants to know how he is liking it here and how the girls are saying nice things about him. Negan's needs him to understand something, that he doesn't welcome everyone and he doesn't take things lightly. Eugene doesn't need to be scared anymore and just answer him one question, "Who are you" but before Negan can finish the question, Eugene says "I am Negan, I'm utterly, completely, stone-cold Negan. I was Negan before I even met you, I just needed to meet you properly to know. I'm Negan." Next day, Eugene is instructing people on how to keep the walkers standing when Dwight walks up. Eugene says "You are Dwight, I am Eugene and We are Negan." 

Main points of this week show:

  • Way to go for Eugene. Being the front runner this episode. I still don't know if he is just playing along and has something up his sleeve, or for the first time he actually feels wanted and likes that. 
  • I totally didn't see that coming with the pills. I never thought they wanted them for Negan. Amber played her part of looking sad and drinking that they had me fooled she wanted them for herself. 
  • Why did Dwight go back to Negan? Why didn't he go looking for Sherry? Was it so he could tell Negan he killed her so they would stop looking? And why blame the doctor? That's the part I don't understand. He had the pretzels and beer so he obviously wanted to run with her but he went back. 
  • Eugene is having a better time at the Sanctuary than Daryl. Eugene is playing along and look where it is getting him. I know Daryl has morals but Eugene is sleeping in a comfy bed and gets really good looking pickles rather than a dungeon and dog food! 
  • I totally had Sherry being the one who let Daryl go, even though I thought maybe Dwight or Jesus had something to do with it too. She tried to help Daryl before and failed and this time, Daryl allowed her to help him get out. Good for Sherry and I hope they never find her! 
  • In her note to Dwight, she says the reason she let Daryl go was because she knew Daryl reminded Dwight of what he use to be before Negan. Ouch-that burned a little to Dwight as he broke down and looked at their wedding rings. 
  • Both Bobby and I laughed when Easy Street came on and Eugene kinda danced to it. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen.

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