Monday, February 20, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 10: New Best Friends

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Tonight's episode starts with Morgan, King and his soldiers waiting on Negan's crew to come collect their things that they provided. One of Negan's crew, Jared, wants Richard's gun and they draw on each other. King steps in and tells Richard to hand over his weapon. Jared goes to hit Richard and Morgan steps in to stop it as well as Ben. Jared gets mad and attacks Richard and takes Morgan's stick. When Morgan ask for it back, he walks away with it. They make it back to town and King talks with Ben about how he is impressed with his stick skills but he needs to keep his head focused. He can't use force first. Daryl walks up and ask Morgan where they went. Morgan walks away to talk to him. Daryl wants to know what is wrong with Morgan for letting them make him bleed and says if Carol was here, she would be leading them right to them to kill them all. Morgan says that is why she left and Daryl walks away. Richard is practicing with a bow and arrow because his gun was taken from him by Negan's men and Daryl walks up. Richard hands Daryl a crossbow and says he needs his help. * Richard goes to his hidden trailer with Daryl and shows him all his ammo and stuff. They leave and hide behind a truck. Richard tells him this is Negan's road, that they can take out the tires first and then the men. A trail has been lead back to a cabin where a person is. Daryl ask who it is and Richard said some lady with more balls than them. Daryl keeps asking her her name and he dodges it. He finally tells him her name is Carol and Daryl goes to leave. Richard doesn't understand why Daryl won't help and he says to stay the hell away from Carol. Just then a car comes up and Richard ask him to choose. Daryl attacks him and holds him down and punches him so he can't get up. Once the cars pass, they get up. Richard says that if they want to take down The Saviours, they need to do this. They need The Kingdoms help. Daryl tells Richard that if anything helps to Carol, he will kill him. He then leaves. * Back at an abandoned junk yard, doors open and a bunch of people come out wearing all black. We see a bunch of people walking and towards the end is Rick and crew. The people surround them with them in the center and a voice ask if there is leader. Rick is pushed forward and introduces himself. Women says that they own their lives and do they want to buy them back. Rick says she has Gabriel and he wants to see him first. Two people walk off and bring him back. Rick explains how they belong to The Saviours and they will come looking for them if they kill Rick's crew. He ask her to join them and she says no. A fight breaks out and Gabriel takes a girl with a knife to the throat. He explains to them that The Saviours have what they want and the women tells her people to stand down. Gabriel ask her to join them and if they beat them together, that they will have what is there's. She says she wants something now and he says they have Rick. That he can get anything she wants. She summons her people to show Rick UpUpUp and he walks away with them. Rosita ask Gabriel who these people are and Michonne wants to know where they are taking Rick. A lady points up and they look. Lady explains how they take, they don't bother. She says things are changing again, that maybe they change with it. She then pushes him down the hill she lead him up. * Michonne wants to know what she did and they try to find Rick and are able to see him through a drain hole. He says he is alright and you hear a noise coming from behind him. He turns to see a walker wearing thorns coming at him. Rick tries to use things around him to take it out but can't seem to do so and keeps falling down the hill. Michonne yells at him to use the trash bags to cover it and he does so, bringing the creature down. Rick then finds glass and takes it out. He looks up at the lady and ask her what she wants, and he will get it. A rope is then let down for him to climb out. Once out, she tells him she wants gun, a lot and if so, they will fight their fight. He looks down at his people and smiles. She wants half of all the profits they get and Rick offers her a third and after some arguing, they come to an agreement. They shake on it. She says she waited a long time for someone to get the stuff off the boat for her and he ask her name. She says Jadis and walks away. Rick walks back to his people and says they have a deal. Michonne and Rick hug and they all want to leave. * Carol comes out of her house and sees King is standing there. King says he is just checking the property, he wasn't there to bother her. She says that someone trip her wire and he says that it was Carol who came out and Carol smiles and says bye. He ask her to hold up and hands her a cobbler. She takes it and goes inside. There is a knock on the door and she goes to open it and is shocked and starts crying. It's Daryl. She hugs him and they cry. He wants to know why she left and she said she had to. Back with Rick, Gabriel says he heard something in the pantry and the lady jumped him from behind and made him take things and leave. Rick said it was smart of him to write boat in the journal and Gabriel says he had almost given up hope but then he saw Rick and knew he needed to hold on. He wants to know why Rick smiled when he saw that whole group and Rick says that enemy's can become friends. Tara and Rosita get into a fight about getting into fights. Rosita wants to leave the group and Tara tries to stop her. Jadis's people tell Rick that they need the guns soon. They load the car up and leave. * Carol is by a fire and Daryl is on the couch. Carol says she couldn't lose anymore people and she couldn't kill them so that is why she left. She wants to know if The Saviours came and he says yes. She wants to know if anyone got hurt and is everyone back home OK. He lies and says everyone is alright, that they made a deal. He wants to know if she has food and she laughs and brings him soup. He wants to know if King is OK and she says yes. They eat together. He then leaves and hugs her bye. Daryl then goes to Shiva and sits with her. Morgan walks in and Daryl tells him about how he found Carol. Morgan says she ask Morgan to lie for her and Daryl understands. Daryl says we need The Kingdom and Morgan needs to make it happen. Morgan says it can't be him. Daryl says whatever he was holding on to is already gone and to wake the hell up. Morgan says Daryl and him are the same. Morgan says that Daryl didn't tell Carol what happened cause if he had, she would be here. He tells Morgan he is leaving in the morning for hilltop. And that is does. 

Main points of this week show:

  • Is it just me or does Jadis have an Alice from Resident Evil vibe?
  • And can I just say, I love the name Jadis. 
  • UpUpUp was creepy to say the least and we all could predict Rick would kill it. 
  • I wonder where Rick will find the guns and still be able to have enough stuff to give to Negan. 
  • I don't like the fact that Daryl is going back to Hilltop. It is not safe and if Negan's men find him, it's not going to be good. For anyone. 
  • The reason Richard wants to use Carol as a pawn is because King likes her and if they kill her, he will have no choice but to go after The Saviours. 
  • What is Jadis' crew called? Some people say The Lake People, some people say The Heapsters and some are calling them The Scavengers. I just wish someone would tell me so I can label them for my blog. 
  • My favorite reunion so far has been Rick and Daryl....but Daryl and Carol come pretty close. I just wanted them to get it on. I mean, I'm not the only one who feels this I?  

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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