Friday, February 24, 2017

Five on Friday

one. Mimi's love
Saturday night, Bobby and I had a date night (a post Valentine's/13 years together dinner) and my parents came out to keep Brody for us. About half way through dinner, my dad sends me this picture. It is probably one of my all time favorite pictures. It just sums up my mother and her love of her grand-babies. Plus his Brody's love for his Mimi. 

two. Haircut 
Brody got his second haircut today. Last time we took him (his first) he was amazing. Not so much this time. He cried so much and we had to take a few breaks. But Bobby's barber was amazing as always and patient and never complained. 

three. Zeke the tiger
When we went to the zoo yesterday, I had in mind that I was going to get Brody a new stuffed animal from there. He loves stuffed animals and sleeps with like 50 of them so I knew he would want it. He picked out the tiger himself. Which is great because there was a $45 giraffe sitting next to it and I prayed he didn't pick that. He got the name from The Walking Dead. I came up with Shiva, since that's the tigers name but when Bobby said how about Zeke (like King Ezekiel, plus Shiva is a girl) I thought that was great. Plus Zeke is a Dallas Cowboy player so it was a win win. I do realize I spelled his name wrong in the picture below. 

four. Miguel and Brody
These two are the cutest. They are 3 months apart and are really sweet to each other. Miguel is in Brody's Little Gym class as well as Library day on Friday's. But we also go to the park together when the weather is great. I love Miguel's mom, Gabby, so it's a win for me too! We did a zoo day Thursday with them and they both were wonderful. 

five. National Tortilla Chip Day
That is what today it! I love it. I love tortilla chips with queso, guacamole, salsa, by themselves, crunched up in a taco salad, as nachos, ummmm.... every other way you could eat them too! A little history lesson for you: They were invented by a lady named Rebecca Webb Carranza in the late 1940's when she would take the tortillas that the machine would reject and cut them into triangles and deep fry them. They became a popular snack and she would sell them for a dime a bag. Yumm!