Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Zoo day

Last Friday, my sister, her two kids and Brody and I decided to meet up at the Fort Worth Zoo. I had already wanted to get a zoo pass so it seemed like the perfect day. Landry was out of school is how she was able to go. It was seriously so beautiful outside and there was hardly anyone. It wasn't until after lunch did it get a little packed. We had so much fun. Brody did awesome. The only time he got upset was when I needed him to go back into the stroller to leave but he wasn't upset long. I got him ice cream so that made the walk easier. 

We had such a fun time. We are going back with our friends on Thursday to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. Can't wait for him to go exploring again and start learning his animals. 

If I had known I was going to have to get my picture taken, I would have wore a better shirt. Now for the next year my picture is going to say Burgers! 

Landry was so sweet. When she got there she told me she brought a big bag of pizza goldfish for her and Brody to share. I think Brody ate about 3/4 of her bag but she didn't care. She loves her Brody! 

I attempted to get their pictures. There was something over my shoulder that got their attention more than me because in every one they are all looking in the same direction! 

This was where I let Brody have free range. There isn't many parts where I feel comfortable yet of letting him just walk by himself but this area was closed and safe and boy did he love running around! 

I love seeing him in such awe wonder. Watching his little imagination explore and see animals like this, just makes getting the pass totally worth it. That and the 4 hour nap he took when we got home!