Tuesday, February 7, 2017

18 months

How old? 18 months and 3 days

Weight? 31 lbs (95 percentile)

Height? 34.2 inches (96 percentile)

This has been a big growth month for Brody. Not in size but in mental ability. I feel like he is learning quicker. Like is he understanding things better. 
He is very good with telling me yes and no. 
He understands different animals. He can't make their sounds just yet (except a cow...he can Moo) or say the names (except duck...that one was easy) but I can tell he gets it. He's not very good at colors but one step at a time. 
His ability at The Little Gym has improved. He can hold on to the bar by himself and swing. 
We tried swim lessons for the first time and it was a bust. He is just not mature enough to listen to me about safety so we are going to wait awhile for it. Maybe closer to summer and try again. 
His personality is in full force and he makes me laugh.
 His new favorite thing are his headphones and iPad. It is how we get through the grocery store and how we eat out, even though we have only attempted to eat out once since he's had them. He loves to watch it at home too. We do monitor his time with it but he gets so excited when it is that time. 

I just love him so much. He really is a super kid and has this huge personality. I am so lucky I get to call myself his mom. It is such a privilege to be in his life everyday. He does run me down a lot because of his go go go attitude but he smiles at me or hugs me and it's all worth it. God is so good and I know that because I have him.