Thursday, July 27, 2017

Terrible Twos

Dear Diary,

We have hit that terrible two stage in life. He will be 2 next Friday but Lord help me, he has already started this phase of life. 

I need some advice from others who have hit this stage. Either you are going through it now or went through it and can give some advice as to overcome this age. Or some advice on how to just not scream all day. He hits and screams and says no no no all the time. He is 75% good, truly honestly good. But that 25% we are just staring at him like a creature. A cruel yelling crying 3 foot 31 pound creature. 

We try not to spank. Especially at this age cause he just sees it as hitting and doesn't understand how we can do but not him. Time-out works sometimes but I would just love some insight to how you kept your head on straight and weren't drunk 24/7.

I've heard if it's a bad 2, then at 3 they are good and you would much rather deal with a 2 year old then a threenager. I'm sure both ages suck hahaha  

Love, Me