Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday

one. The Big Three
I call them this. My This Is Us friends will understand it. Not that they look like them, not that will grow up to be them but they are Mimi and Pop's big three right now and I just love their relationship to one another. 

two. Howdy Howdy Howdy
Brody is having a Toy Story themed birthday party and I found this hat on Amazon. So of course I bought it. He loves it and so did Bullet. 

three. Coral-Lina and Sand
If you have a Lipsense girl, tell her you want the limited edition Coral-Lina lip gloss and you want Sand lip gloss to go with it. They make the perfect pair. Don't have a Lipsense girl? No sister in law Angie would be glad to help! She is placing an order on Monday so let her know by then.

four. Honey
Long story short, Honey is now living in an assisted living home and while I was at CrossFit Wednesday, Bobby took Brody to see her. He sent me this picture. My heart just melted over and over again. Just so sweet.

five. Hair cut
Brody got a haircut yesterday and boy is he cute. He even got a part in the side like his daddy. Can y'all believe he will be two next Friday? I will have a special Five on Friday for him and I am already crying thinking about it.