Monday, July 10, 2017

23 months

How old? 23 months and 6 days

Weight? 30.5 lbs (94 percentile)

Height? 36 inches (95 percentile)

This is the first photo I didn't get of him and his pups. I would have waited till we got back home but I didn't and he was just too cute on the sand. 
This month, his vocabulary has taken off. He is repeating so many words and even forming sentences. 
He knows what he wants and can tell you by saying yes or no, not just nodding. 
The Wiggles are his favorite thing this month and we watch so many music videos by them. He is dancing and trying to sing along. It has really helped his vocabulary too. 
We started potty training but not too much. He pee-pees on the potty at night and when we change his clothes. I got him pull-ups and when we are home for a while, he wears one so we can start trying. 
We got an Amazon Echo and Brody loves it. I hooked it up to my Spotify account and he knows how to ask for The Wiggles music. 
We started time outs and he understands them. He knows what it means and he knows he doesn't get to get out till he has calmed down. Then we have a talk about why he was in time out and everything is much better. 
He hates wearing his puddle jumper. He wore it a few times but he has a hard moving his arms so it frustrates him. So we don't make him wear it anymore. He has no desire to go in deep water. He prefers a baby ledge where he can sit and play and splash around. 

I love you kiddo. You are my heart and my everything. God has blessed me so much and I couldn't ask for a better child for me.