Thursday, July 13, 2017

Operation No Pacifier

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I decided to start "Operation No Pacifier" in our household. Brody has been a fan of the paci since he was born. It's always soothed him and he always knows where one is. 

But yesterday, I decided that it was time to try to without. I put all of them up high so he couldn't reach them. He can't see them either so they aren't taunting him. 

It's been hard to say the lease. At first no big deal. But when he got hurt that first time and went looking for one, it was a complete meltdown. I know he hates me right now but it's alright. It's one of those things I have to stick to.

I will tell you that I am allowing him to have one when he sleeps and if we ever take really long car rides and even the car rides I will limit. I don't want to take it away when he sleeps just yet. One battle at a time and if he can understand the concept of it, I will feel accomplished. 

A LOT of people reached out to me yesterday with their tips and I thank you all for them but if you by chance didn't reach out and want to help me with some things I might can do to make this transition easier, I am all ears! 


Love, Me