Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Galveston 2017 part 1

I am about to overload you on pictures! So I am going to break it up into two days. Galveston is always a blast. I love my Lewis family. This year was a little hard due to Brody's age. He is the type of kid that likes to do different things each day so by day 3 of beach, he was confused. He liked the swimming pools we set up better than the ocean by day 3 so we ventured back and forth between them. All in all it was success and I will let the pictures do the talking. 

Drive down and first night- Friday 6/30
The drive down wasn't bad at all. He watched videos and only napped 15 mins but he wasn't terrible. After dinner we let the kids go down to the water and play. This was Maddyn's first time at the beach and the girl has no fear. Neither did my kiddo. I had to keep bringing his booty back in. 

Beach day Take 1- Saturday 7/1
First day on the beach! Brody loved it. He played in the water. He touched a fish for the first time and realized he didn't like it. We played with water balloons which he loved and he went crab hunting that night. That was the only night he went crab hunting. He is so my kid sometimes!

Beach day Take 2- Sunday 7/2
Just another day on the beach. Brody liked the boogie board and playing with seashells. We went to Benno's for dinner and they have a great outdoor area, especially for kids. 

Beach day Take 3- Monday 7/3
The Davenports came to visit us and play. It is always nice catching up with them! I miss Abby dearly since she moved and I haven't had the chance to meet Harrison yet so that was nice. Brody was more about the pool today than the ocean. 

Stay tuned to tomorrow for more Galveston pictures!