Monday, December 14, 2015

She loves cheese and Brody....maybe she's more like me than I thought!

What a week last week was. I went non stop! From getting home from Vegas, work, laundry, being a mom, night time feedings, Christmas shopping, church, blogging and being an awesome Aunt...I'm exhausted. 

Oh being an awesome Aunt you ask? Why yes, thank you I am. When we were in Vegas, Kristen was informed that the lady who keeps Billie Marie during the day was needing to take the week off to go out of town. Knowing I work part-time, she asked me if I could keep BM any day that week. The only days I had off were Wednesday and Friday, so little momma came to play with me and Brody for those 2 days! 

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love this little girl. Brody and Jace are her babies. I think she gave him more kisses than I do in one day (and that's a LOT)! She's funny, sweet, and loves to eat. I mean, the girl can put food away. I think she ate more cheese sticks in one day than most people eat in one month! She is so well behaved and very adventurous. When she falls down, she picks herself right up and keeps going. She is a diva and a princess and these boys that surround her don't stand a chance. 

So Kristen brought her Wednesday morning and Brody was still asleep. I told her that as soon as she walked in and when Kristen started talking to me, Billie looked at her and said "Shhhhhhhh". I just laughed. Little momma was in full force. He was just waking up when Kristen was leaving so it was perfect timing to distract BM so she went into the room with Bobby to get him. Everywhere he was, she wanted to be. And every time she could, she wanted to hold him. She gave him his pacifier when it would fall out. She read to him (well pretended to read but still). She sat on him like he sits on her. I had to inform her that he was smaller than her so she couldn't sit in his lap. 

Then again on Friday I got to keep her. Billy brought her this time and she thought he was asleep again so she kept telling Billy "Shhhhhhh" but he was actually sitting in his highchair eating his cereal. When she saw him, her face lit up and she started playing with his toes. She found that she loves to push him in his Johnny Jump-Up but she doesn't quite know how to push him correctly. She goes with him instead of letting it go so it ends up knocking him into the wall and her to ground. Everytime she did I just laughed cause she was so determined to figure it out. We gave up and read books to him instead. And gave him more kisses and snuggles, even after he spit up so bad we had to do a wardrobe change! 

I hope him and her have a special friendship. She's only 15 months older than him so it won't surprise me if they grow up like brother and sister. Cause homegirl is going to school him and lecture him even if he wants it or not.