Tuesday, December 15, 2015

19 weeks

How old? 19 weeks

Likes? Billie Marie, oatmeal, being tickled

Hates? I notice that he is starting to get a little bored at night. He does fine with his play stuff during the day, but at night, he is over it. Luckily Christmas is approaching and he will be getting some new stuff to help occupy his time. 

Milestones this week? He can fully go from his back to his front without any help. I have been watching him struggle for a couple of days now with it. He would almost get there, but not know how to move his arm from under him to be flat on the ground in front of him. It always got stuck and he would get pissed. But Sunday night, I watched him master it. Since his bed is elevated due to his acid reflux, he still sleeps on his back at night. He hasn't figured out the comfy level of his tummy yet! 

Sleeping? He does really good at night. He goes from about 9/9:15 pm to about 2:30am and takes a bottle and is right back out. I am back in bed by 3ish and then he will sleep till about 8am. He does tend to wake up around 4:30/5am but he puts himself back to sleep. Naps are a different story. He is just an awful napper. Afraid he is going to miss out on something. He will just scream in his bed. He knows how to put himself to back to sleep at night, but during the day it's a different story. Can't figure it out. 

Eating? He is taking three 5 ounce bottles during the day and two 6 ounce bottles at night. Then he gets 3 bowls of rice cereal or oatmeal during the day. Wakes up and has cereal, hour later a 5oz bottle. Then at lunch he has cereal, hour later a 5oz bottle. Then he has an afternoon 5oz bottle. Then cereal at dinner and then we hold him off for his night time 6oz bottle around 8:45/9pm. Then a 6oz bottle during the middle of the night and then the whole process starts again. There may be a time where he has an extra bottle somewhere in there but not very often.