Friday, December 4, 2015

4 months old

How old? 4 months

Weight? 17.3 lbs (85 percentile)

Length? 26 inches (87 percentile)

Likes? Looking at himself in the mirror (go figure), taking selfies (go figure), being tossed around on the bed, being tickled, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV, eating, being talked to, baths, his play mat

Dislikes? Being alone, we are struggling with alone time

Eating? 5 oz every 3 to 3 and half hours. Drinks soy milk. Eats 1 tablespoon of cereal 2-3 times a day. 

Sleeping? Getting him on a schedule has proved to be difficult. Not gonna lie. This child of mine struggles really bad in the sleep department, and I have his Lewis genes to blame. Cause I can sleep anywhere at anytime of the day and Bobby....he goes, and goes, and goes and never naps. I really hope the next child gets my sleeping genes cause momma is tired!

Awake? When he is awake, he really is happy. He's becoming more active in that he doesn't just wanna lay around. He likes to be going. Either in his Johnny Jump Up or his exersaucer or his play mat or doing tummy time on the bed, he loves it all. He also likes to be in the baby Bjorn and walking around stores. He does really good in it. He never cries unless he's hungry and he almost always falls asleep. 

Milestones? Eating cereal, sitting in a high chair at a restaurant, sitting in his high chair at home, riding in his stroller

Anything new? Brody has a new cousin, Jace Lewis Talbert. We love Jace. Brody is really started to babble. I love baby babble. You can tell he is really trying to say stuff and his little mind just goes all the time. He loves to stand and is getting really strong in his legs. 

My favorite outfits this month?

How's Mom and Dad? Tired. Still haven't had a date night but we leave for Vegas today for a weekend getaway with some friends so we are going to make up for it. Bobby surprised me when we booked the trip and told me we could stay an extra day, just us two if we wanted. Of course I said YES! We are going to do a nice dinner and sleep. 

How's Dash and Bullet? Dash loves snuggling with Brody on the couch. He loves licking him and being next to him. Brody doesn't mind when Dash licks him. Sometimes Brody will be in his exersaucer and I will look over and Dash is going to town on Brody's face. Bullet could care less about Brody. He doesn't faze him. Just another body. Bobby and I try really hard to love on them but we often forget. The older Brody gets, the easier it is. And I think in a few more months, Brody will really start interacting with them and petting them. 

Favorite photo this month? I don't know what it is about bath time, but this month it has to do with bath again. Brody doesn't care if he's in the bath or the shower, he just loves water. So sometimes Bobby will take a shower with him. And I happen to catch them playing in it.