Tuesday, December 8, 2015

18 weeks

How old? 18 weeks

Likes? His Pop and Mimi. They kept him while we were in Vegas over the weekend and Monday morning I got a sweet message from my dad saying how much he loved his time with Brody. My dad works from home so he had him all to himself Friday and Sunday evening into Monday morning so they got some major bonding time in! 

Hates? His acid reflux medicine. It taste awful but he takes it like a champ. His face always cracks me up when he does. The doctor switched his medication last week so when I pick that up today, he shouldn't have to take that awful stuff anymore.
Milestones this week? Almost being able to sit up on his own. He wants to so bad. He constantly does the sit-up crunch move. If I position him just right, he can sit. He is a determined baby! Oh and the best one yet, my munchkin is sleeping in his own bed! We have mastered the bed at night time. 

Sleeping? He goes down around 9pm, wakes around 2:30am for a bottle and is right back out to around 7:30/8am. Now we are just working on it for nap times. But because he isn't afraid of it anymore or being alone in his room, I think it will come easy now. We are also playing music and that has seemed to help (thank you to my dad for that). When I took him for his 4 month check-up last Thursday, I told her about my concerns for his non-sleeping. That I was worried he may lack melatonin or something. She said she has heard of cases of that before but told me that it could be his acid reflux. That we need to up how many times a day we give it to him and up the dosage. That when he lays down, it may be burning him so he gets uncomfortable. So we need to elevate his bed just a little so he sleeps a little more up right. Then she proceeds to check him out and just as she is telling me about the lifting of the mattress, she says "Dani, Brody has a double ear infection"......my heart sank. I felt like the worst parent in the world. She asked if he ever got fever and I told her no, that I am a stickler for checking him. She said that most likely it is caused by the acid reflux. That when he lays, the fluid goes back up and could easily go to his ears. So he started amoxicillin right away and is so much better. Another reason his sleep has been so good. 

Eating? He is eating cereal 3 times a day and is taking 5 oz bottles. He gets breakfast: cereal, bottle; he gets lunch: cereal, bottle; he gets an afternoon bottle before nap; then he gets dinner: cereal; then he gets a night time bottle. It seems to be working. And in between all of that, he gets the acid reflux 3 times a day and amoxicillin twice a day for the rest of this week.