Monday, October 10, 2016

Fair 2016

The fair.

Normally I love the fair. I just do. But this year was a little different.

We always try to get there as soon as it opens to avoid as much traffic and people as possible. We did neither this year. I haven't been with Bobby to the fair in years. He isn't a fan of crowds or fried food. And Brody had never been and I thought he would enjoy the people watching and the food.

I was wrong on both. Poor Bobby was stuck carrying Brody for most of it cause Brody wouldn't go in his stroller without screaming. The crowd was AWFUL this year. We only stayed about 3 hours. I did get to try the 3 food items I set out to try and I did get to share a beer with my man so that was nice. But besides that, the fair was bust this year. Next year, if Brody isn't behaving good, I am going by myself! Or I am going durning a school day.

I was able to get some photos from the day. If you follow along with my on Instagram and view my Instagram Story, you saw that Brody loved the petting zoo (even though there was a thousand people in there) and saw the 3 food items I tried.

The Petting Zoo was by far the hit of the day. It's the only pictures I got because it was so crowded and trying to hold my phone and keep up with my family was impossible. 

The food! I tried Fried Jell-O, Injectable BBQ Balls and Cookie Fries. 

The fried Jell-O tasted like a beignet with strawberry filling. I liked it. Was kind of simple. Not sure why it was the winner to be honest but it was good. Can be found in a few different spots. I got mine by the indoor petting zoo. 

The Injectable BBQ balls were incredible. OMG! Brisket rolled in batter and deep fried and you take the injector and inject the amount of BBQ you want. We tried that at first but ended up just dipping them in the sauce. It was easier. Highly recommend getting. It can be found in the big purple tent next to the Chevy Main Stage where the singers sing. 

The Cookie Fries were kind of a disappointment. Brody loved them but Bobby and I thought they were a little over done and too crispy. Can be found in the front entrance of the Cotton Bowl at a stand called Taste of Cuba. Can also be found near the Beer Garden. 

The winner to us were the BBQ balls. These might be something I get every year because I loved them that much. 

I want to let everyone know I am having some computer problems so I am going to do my best to blog everyday this week but if I miss a day or the blog seems messed up, it's my computer. It's old and I need a new one. Just trying to figure out what I want to invest in.