Wednesday, October 19, 2016

San Antonio advice

I am so excited for this weekend. Why you ask? Because Friday morning, Bobby, Kara, Tim, my Mom and my Dad and myself are leaving for a long weekend to San Antonio. 

You see how I didn't write Brody, Landry or Hayden. 
That's right. Kid FREE! 

I love my child. You all know this. But to be able to sit down at a restaurant and not have to leave after 5 minutes is a luxury these days. He's just at the awful age of going to do anything that requires longer than a certain time. 

I asked a girlfriend of mine (Jasmine) about some things to do, places to eat in San Antonio (she goes a lot) and she delivered but I want to ask y'all as well. Hotel we have and Saturday we are doing a wine tour in Fredericksburg but besides that, nothing. 
We are not doing the Alamo (already did it) and I do know the Riverwalk area but I am not familiar with the restaurants  I just need some food suggestions or things to go to or try. You all are always so good about giving advice, so I thought why not! 
Thank you in advance!