Thursday, October 27, 2016

November 8th

Dear Diary,

Election Day is close. Super close. November 8th to be exact. On that day, someone new takes over. Last night, Bobby and I were laying in bed discussing our choices. 

Now, I told you awhile back that I wouldn't be telling you my opinions on this election. And I am going to stay true to myself to a certain extent but I am going to discuss a choice we all make in the next 13 days and what my choice is.  

In the next 13 days, we must make a decision based off who we like best. Who we feel would be best for this country. Who we want to back for 4 years. We have heard the debates. We have heard both sides. We have seen both of them rip each other to shreds and do it like it's just another day in their lives. 

Maybe you have already made up your mind. Maybe you have already voted. Maybe you are on the fence because you still just don't know. Whatever you decide to do, it is your right, it is your choice. Vote for who you believe in. Vote for who's policies work best for your family. Don't go based off parties...that is so old fashion. Vote based on the person. 

I will tell you this about me and this election and yell and scream at me all you want but it is my choice, my decision. I will NOT be voting this year. I do NOT like either one. I refuse to give my vote to an individual I do NOT believe in. I am scared for this county and I have no idea what is going to happen. I REFUSE to vote for a man who belittles people and who bullies them. I REFUSE to vote for a women who lies and back tracks all the time. 

And I know what your all thinking. It is my right to vote. It is my right to do my part. And you would be correct. But isn't it also my right to not? I would rather not vote for either, than randomly pick someone because everyone is telling me to. 

On November 8th, I will be watching from my television as with the rest of you. And I will have no choice but to accept whoever wins as my President. I will not bash either. I will not say yay or nay. Because I choose to not vote, I will respect the future President. 

Rather you agree with me or not, or seriously are pissed off....I understand. But please don't bash me for my decision or try to change my way of thinking. I will respect what you do and who you choose and will actually applaud you for being able to make up your mind in such a messed up Presidential race. 

So decide to "Make America Great Again" or you choose "I'm With Her" or pick neither and run off to Canada and live there the next 4 years, just choose it based off what you want. Not what other people tell you must do. 

Love, Me