Friday, October 28, 2016

Five on Friday

This week I posted this photo to The Adventures of Brody and Bullet on Instagram and not only did it get many likes (how could it not) but many of you asked me where I got his shirt from. Emerald Sky is my jam y'all. The most comfy shirts in the world and the best quality. They take great pride in making sure every shirt sent out is good quality. And the best part, they are affordable and the shirts last, even after milk and dirt and pizza sauce have been spilt on them and then washed over and over again. It's like the shirt keeps getting softer and softer the more it's washed. Every where Brody or I go, we get asked about our shirts. 

two. Chip's Ahoy! Thins
A couple of weeks ago I featured Oreo thins. Well this week at the store we found Chips Ahoy! Thins and boy do we love them. What I love about them besides the taste is that I can just hand Brody one and he can just munch on it. I don't feel like I have to monitor every bite because it's so thin, he can just bite it off and eat it with ease. They come in original chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar. 

three. Halloween candy
If you are a procrastinator like myself, you wait to the last minute to get candy for Halloween. Luckily for me, I have the Target Cartwheel app. And on this app, not only do I have a coupon for $2 off of 2 bags of candy, they also have 10% here, 15% there on almost all of their candy. Candy can get expensive so I am glad they have most of the stuff I buy at a discount for me. Download the Target Cartwheel app (it's free) and then go to the Halloween section they have on the app and you will see all the discounts I am talking about. I will tell you though, most of the candy expires today for the discount so don't delay. Even this procrastinator is headed to Target after I post this blog! 

four. Chewy
I buy premium dog food. I make sure the food my dogs eat is the best quality for their systems. Those really large dog food brands that sale their food for super cheap, I just don't see how they are still in business when so many dogs get sick off of their food. Anyways. Since I buy premium dog food, I do like to shop around to make sure I buy it at the lowest cost I can find. Chewy has the biggest selection and the cheapest price for that selection. I have been buying their food from Chewy for years now. Fast shipping, free shipping over $50 and I can order food and treats all in one sitting. They even have autoshipping where you make a profile and add the food you want your dog to have and it will automatically ship it to you based off the number of weeks you will need it. And they give you a 15% discount for using that option. They also have cat, bird, fish, small pet (like rabbit, hamster, etc.) and reptile food as well.  

five. Reading Books
I am a huge book lover. I have been my whole life. I could read for hours and hours. I get it from my mother who got it from her mother. Well, I love that my child gets it from me. He loves books. He does have a short attention span when it comes to them (like he likes me to read like 3 or 4 pages in one book and then move on to the next) but we could sit in his tee-pee forever, reading books over and over again. Before his nap we read and before bedtime we read.