Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Over the weekend, my Mom, my Dad, my sister, her husband Tim and my handsome husband Bobby went to San Antonio for an adults only weekend. We weren't able to take a family vacation this year with my side of the family so we decided this would be a fun alternative. Even though the grand babies stayed at home, I think my parents were ok it just being the big kids. 

We left early Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. You will notice in this blog that almost all of Saturday is not on here. That blog will be tomorrow because it is a 30 in 3(1). And almost all the pictures I took were of food! All it seemed we did was eat and drink wine and it was the best adult weekend ever! 

On Friday, our first stop was to Buc-ee's because how are you not going to stop! We finally made it to Austin and my sister had found a Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives place she had wanted to try. Casino el Camino and boy was it delicious. I got a chili cheese hotdog and my sister got the LA Burger. They are known for their burgers and verde fries so of course B and I got their verde fries. Then we hoped back in the car and headed into San Antonio. We checked in, unpacked and got ready to head out for dinner. My girl Jasmine told me of this awesome outdoor area called La Canterra and it was the prettiest place. We ate dinner there both nights because they had restaurants you can't find in Dallas. The first night we ate at was Yard House and everything I ate there was incredible. Ahi Poke, Kale Caeser, Pepperoni and mushroom pizza, S'more brownie and of course Rose wine to drink. 

 Saturday night we ate at a place called Whiskey Cake. Bobby and I got their deviled eggs, then I got Mussels (I do realize I spelt it wrong on my picture but in my defense I had a lot of wine that day!), adult Mac n Chz and then we got 2 desserts. Their Whiskey Cake which is what the resturant is named after and their pumpkin croissant bread pudding that was their speical that week. Oh and Rose to drink. 

What a great weekend. What a great time with my family. I love being with them and spending time together. It just brings me back to Earth. They make me laugh, they make me smile and we always have a good time! I got lots of sleep, lots to eat and lots of wine and lots of family time! #blessed

Stay tuned to tomorrow for my wine tour adventure!