Monday, October 24, 2016

The Walking Dead Monday

I am starting a new segment called The Walking Dead Monday where I go over Sunday night's Walking Dead episode. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and I always seem the need to talk about it because so much goes on so I thought why not make a blog about it weekly. 

Let's get to it. 
Reviewing TWD: Season 7: Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

First off....SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not watched and don't want to know anything, STOP reading right now. 

Second off....THANK YOU FOR NOT KILLING DARYL! I was literally sick up to the point of last night's episode. Ask my husband. I didn't want dinner cause I had this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach of who was going to be killed off. And how were they going to show it. 

I had read so many articles over the past 6 months of who it was going to be. People who analyzed that last minute of the season finale for any clues on who it might be. Going into last night's episode, the speculation was that it was going to be either Glenn (since that's who Negan kills in the comics), Maggie (because she was already so sick and people had seen her traveling around the world and not on set) or Abraham (because his "red hair" was suddenly not red anymore). 

I told Bobby if it was Maggie, I was going to be in the bathroom throwing up. She's PREGNANT and super sick on top of it all! If you have never been pregnant before, you might not understand the horrid feeling that runs through your body. I also told Bobby if it was Daryl, he will be watching it by himself from now on. I wouldn't watch it anymore. I would be so upset, so sick, that it would turn me off from it. 

So before I go over who he killed, let's start at he beginning of the episode and work our way to the end. I'm not going to go into every detail of every scene, just the important parts of each episode or we would be here all day reading. Except last night's episode. It was to big to skip any details. 

It picks up where we left off. Well kinda. You see the aftermath of Negan's kill but you don't see who he kills just yet. He is in Rick's face and Rick say's the line of the year. "I'm going to kill you. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But one day, I will kill you." That is exactly how I felt too about Negan. Negan decides to take Rick on a drive to show him who is boss. See up until this point, Rick has always been in charge. He's always called the shots but with Negan, it doesn't work that way. And Negan needed Rick to understand that because of the way Rick was looking at him. Instead of out of fear or in the way Negan wanted him too, Rick was looking at him like he was going to kill him. Negan takes Rick's axe and throws it out of the van and tells Rick to go get it. So Rick must fight off dead people in order to fetch the axe. It's then he crawls up to the top of the van and he remembers the last hour of his life. We learn then that it is Abraham who gets the end of Lucille and is beaten to a pulp. (It was so nasty). Negan then turns the bat to Rosita and demands her to look at the bat. When Negan starts to yell at Rosita, Daryl swoops in and punches Negan. I about lost my s**t because Negan's men grabbed him and held him down and I just knew something was going to happen to him. But instead, Negan made it seem like he was going to need Daryl for something. Negan then turns to the group and says that the first one was free, and this one was going to cost them. At this moment in time, I had this feeling he was going to turn Lucille on someone else. And I was right. Glenn. And if you follow the comics, it is Glenn who gets killed by Negan so for them to keep that part right, I was pleased with. It was what Glenn said to Maggie that had me in tears. "Maggie, I'll find you" and all she could do was watch the man she loves get beaten to death where at one point his eye popped out of his head (cue my vomit sounds). After all of this, the scene changes back to Rick on top of the van and Negan is yelling at him to bring him his axe. Then Rick must fight off some more dead people to finally get back into the van. But you can still tell Rick isn't understanding who Negan actually is. He drives them back to the camp where everyone is waiting and just when you think it's over, Negan came super close to making Rick cut his own son's (Carl) arm off! It was in this moment, Rick finally understands who Negan is and it pleases Negan. They are all left with the van and a promise from Negan he will be back in a week with demands. It is then Maggie gets up and tries her hardest to get to Glenn's body. She then tells the group that she must go after Negan, even if it kills her. Rick is the one who tries to tell her no. But she won't listen to him and it is Sasha who says she will go with her and take care of her. It ends with Rick driving off in the bus thinking on a memory of all his friends and family sitting down together, having a meal with Glenn and Abraham sitting at the end of the table and Glenn is holding his and Maggie's child. That made me tear up. 

Main points of this weeks show: 
  • Rick is no longer in charge and throughout the rest of the season we will have to see the man we have all come to rely on, be taken down over and over again in order to keep his people alive.
  • Maggie is going to step up in a big way and take Glenn's death and make it into something. We are going to see a big change in Maggie, which I am excited about. 
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no longer Denny to me! He is now Negan and I hate/love him. 
  • Carl became last nights Hero when he told his dad, who was refusing to cut off his arm, to just do it. He knew everyone had a gun to their head and if his dad didn't, they would all die. Big step up for Carl! 
  • Daryl is going to have this constant guilt on him about Glenn's death, since it was Daryl who punched Negan who then turned his bat Lucille on Glenn because of it. 
  • Glenn's last words were, "Maggie, I'll find you". Abrahams last words were, "Suck my nuts". 
  • Negan makes The Governor look like a baby panda.  
  • We still don't know what came of Morgan and Carol but next episode brings us up to par on them. 

I am going to miss Glenn and Abraham. Glenn Rhee was the heart of the show and Abraham Ford was the big red headed burley man you always wanted on your side. Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz will be very hard to replace and for a while it's going to feel like a hole is missing. 

Feel free to chime in on your thoughts, feelings, etc. I don't always catch everything and sometimes there are Easter Eggs thrown in so feel free to tell me or correct me if something I wrote is wrong! 
I am just going based of what I saw and felt so you won't hurt my feelings if you don't agree. : )