Monday, March 27, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Tonight's episode starts with Rick's crew heading out towards Oceanside. Tara is explaining to Rick about them and how she made a promise to them how she wouldn't tell. He tells her she shouldn't feel bad for telling him.* Back at Hilltop, Maggie is teaching people how to crop. Rick and Michonne are talking as he helps her into a tree so she can snipe in case someone comes to close. Daryl and Jesus are laying an explosive trap while Aaron and his boyfriend chat about coming there. Jesus and Daryl are talking about Sasha and Rosita and he is explaining to him what happened. Sasha is in a holding cell at The Sanctuary. David comes to introduces himself to her. She ask for some water and he hits on her and she tells him to go to hell and headbutts him. David then tries to force himself on her when Negan comes banging in and accuses David of trying to rape Sasha. He says it's not allow here and David apologizes. Negan then takes a knife and stabs him through him neck. Negan tells his men to get Sasha a new t-shirt and apologizes how she had to see this. Negan says he remembers her and how she was there with Glenn and Abraham. He wants to know the truth, did Rick put her up to it? She calls Rick a bitch and says no. He hands her the knife and tells her its her's now. He tells her she can use it on herself or on David when he comes back to life as a walker. Negan wants her help since he's a man down. He tells her to take some time to think about it and wants her to know they aren't monsters. He closes her back in the cell. * Eugene brings Sasha water, a blanket and a pillow and she asks him how he's doing. He says they are keeping him safe and he brought her some stuff. He tells her he knows about Negan's offer and she should accept it. He talks about the night in woods, how it was the most scared he's ever been and that being there means he never has to be that scared again. He wants her to say yes to Negan's offer. She tells him to go. Eugene notices David is starting to turn and she tells him again to go. He leaves. David wakes and Sasha just sits there. Back at Hilltop, Maggie is gardening outside the walls. Gregory walks up on her and she ask why he's here. He says to talk. He ask her where her friends are and she says out looking for something. He wants to know why shes here. She says he needs a medic, isn't that true. He says to trust him and talk to him. She wants to be open with him and that its never to late to change. She ask him if he could stand guard while she finishes pulling something for inside and he says sure. He pulls his knife and stands over her, thinking about using it on her. Just then a walker comes up and he yelps. He says he needs to protect the pregnant women, not the other way around. He runs towards it but can't do it. He tells her to do it. Just then a walker comes behind him and they fall. He screams for Maggie and she runs over and kills it. A crew from Hilltop happens to see the whole thing and she tries to defend him saying he's still learning. They say that's not what they told him. At Oceanside, Natania goes into her cabin and Tara is there and pulls a gun on her and says hi. * Tara tells her to stay quiet and to put her hands on her head. Natania wants to know what she wants. Cyndie comes in and Tara says hi. Cyndie says Tara promised to not come back and Tara agrees that she did and Cyndie needs to sit. Cyndie ask her why she's here and Tara says she didn't have a choice. She needs her guns, they want to kill the saviors. Tara explains to her what happened. She needs Oceanside to help too. Tara says to please talk to Rick. Natania says no, that they might as well kill them. Tara looks at her watch and says its too late and some of Oceanside explodes. Michonne is in the tree to stop anyone who passes a certain point. They ask everyone to the ground and check them. Tara tells Natania and Cyndie to get up and Natania pretends to be hurt and Tara tries to help but she is over powered and Cyndie pulls a gun on Tara. Tara says her's isn't loaded, they didn't come here to fight. Rick is outside talking to everyone when Natania comes up with Tara at gunpoint. Rick says they will leave once they get the guns. Natania says to leave now. Cyndie tells her people what Rick wants to do. Natania tries to tell them no. Tara says they will win with their guns, with or without them. Cyndie tries to reason with Natania and she keeps saying no. Natania says she is going to kill Tara and then die and they will understand why. Michonne in the tree yells walkers to Rick and Cyndie knocks Natania out, freeing Tara. Ricks team then takes the walkers out with the help of some Oceanside women. Rick and Beatrice shake hands on being together but Natania says no to fighting, but they can take their guns. * Sasha is standing over Davids body when Negan comes in. Sasha tells Negan he's won and he says no, she wins. Negan takes the knife and tells her it is baby steps to trust. Negan tells her he knows that Rick is up to no good and she's going to help. But tonight she needs to rest up and enjoy. He leaves her to think. Gregory is in his office, drinking tequila, when he pulls out a Virginia map and calls for his assistant to drive him somewhere. Eugene knocks on Sasha's door and she tells him she needs something to take her own life so Negan doesn't use her as bait. Eugene agrees and then we learn Sasha is just playing him because she is smiling behind the door. Oceanside is handing over all their supplies and Tara tells Cyndie they will bring them back. Cyndie tells her some of them want to go but not all of them and it has to be all of them. They leave and Rick ask Tara if she is ok and she says yes, he was right, she doesn't need to feel bad. * Sasha is in the cell pacing when Eugene comes to her. He says he has decided to grant her request and he slides her a pill. She sees it and starts to cry while he outside the door is explaining to her what will happen when she takes it. He tells her he doesn't want her to go for the record and leaves. Ricks crew gets back to Alexandria and Rosita opens the door. They ask where Sasha is and she says someone is here. She takes them to the person and it's Dwight. Daryl tries to attack him and Rick stops him. Rosita says he wants to help and Rick ask him is that true. He says yes. Rick says ok, pulls a gun and tells him to get to his knees. 

Main points for this weeks show: 

  • I was totally wrong with it being Daryl at the end of last weeks episode. It was Dwight!!!!!! My husband and I both looked at it other when we saw him and were like "WHAT?!".
  • Sasha is alive! Yay
  • Poor Eugene. He was just trying to help her. I knew he wouldn't give her a gun or any kind of weapon. Even though that pill could kill someone and she could use it on Negan. Just don't know how or when she would get the chance. 
  • When that guy was about to rape Sasha and Negan catches him, I knew he was going to die. One thing Negan hates is rape so that guys fate was sealed. 
  • I kind of was hoping Oceanside would help them. They aren't the most trained but Rick and crew could teach them what they need to know. Plus Negan took their husbands. 
  • Gregory is such a wimp. Oh man oh man I can't wait to see his final day. He couldn't even protect a pregnant women. Not that women of Rick's crew need aid, but still. And I am so glad some of the Hilltop residents saw all of that happen. And if he does go to see Simon, Maggie just needs to step right in. Even though Negan thinks she is dead but with the season finale next week, does it even matter at this point? 
  • Dwight wanting to help Rick? Really? I am not sure what to believe right now with him. I know he hates Negan but to change sides that quickly, I just find it a little fishy. 
  • The season finale is next week and I have no idea who is going to die, who is going to take which side, what will happen. There are so many ways the finale could go and I just don't have a clue. I know which way I want it to go but that doesn't always happen. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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