Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday

one. Vacuum
We had a fun play date with Miguel this week and Brody is not shy at people's home. If you ever have Brody and I over, just know he is going to raid your pantry and your cleaning supplies. And he did just that. He found Gabby's vacuum and proceed to vacuum her living room. He DID NOT get this from me. I sent this picture to Bobby and he just laughed and wrote back "That's my boy!" 

two. Starbucks
Iced Cinnamon Almond-milk Macchiato is my NEW favorite drink right now. I have gotten 3 this week. If you like cold coffee, try it. It is seriously delicious and refreshing. I need Brody to wake from his nap so I can go get me another one. 

three. Hand-prints
How cute is this? After the boys painted the other day, Gabby suggested we get their hand-prints and I was so glad she did. Brody loved painting and having me paint his hand for this. He just giggled. 

four. Sprinkles
Sprinkles has a new cupcake right now that is a chocolate chip cookie made into a cupcake. It has cookie crumble on bottom, chocolate chip cake in the middle and a brown sugar frosting dusted with cookie pieces. I love when he gets me Sprinkles because we all know this is the way to my heart! The cookie one will gone at the end of March. 

five. My guy
His face. His style. The way he smiles at me. I just can't most days with him. He gets what he wants but he is so damn sweet about it. Did I mention his face? 


Brody and I will be going out of town next week so there will be no blog except for The Walking Dead Monday. It will be posted super early and then nothing the rest of the week. I hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break and see you the following week!