Monday, March 6, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 12: Say Yes

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Tonight's episode starts with Rick and Michonne at a camp site thinking back on searching though houses looking for stuff to take. They are talking about things they found. He wants to know why she is smiling, they don't have much to show for it and then they show a sex scene. They start walking and come across two men who have supplies. From what I can tell, they didn't take anything, they left. * Tara comes across Rosita patching up her face. They start talking about guns and Tara says they have nothing, it will take years to collect all that and she can't wait. She leaves to find guns. Michonne is driving and Rick is asleep. They stop again and Michonne gets out to make some coffee. She turns around and sees a deer. She gets her gun and Rick follows. The deer has left. They try to track it and come across a high school. A walker with a gun approaches and they kill it. They decide to check out the high school for more guns and supplies. Rosita comes across a house and goes to search it when a walker comes out. She kills it and goes inside and finds a toy gun and gets pissed. Michonne and Rick are on the roof of the high school to see what they can see. They see a bunch of walkers walking around in what seems to be an abandoned circus. Michonne takes a practice shot and laughs and then the roof gives out under them and they fall into the high school. * They are laughing about falling and when they look up, they see a whole bunch of canned goods and rice, untouched. Rosita goes to see Gabriel to tell him she didn't find any guns. She bitches at Gabriel how she had a plan with her gun and how Negan would be dead but she was stupid to listen to him. She yells at him some more and he stays calm. He tells her its easy to be dead and if its his fault shes alive, then that's that. They need her. He wants to know what she is going to do with her life. Rick and Michonne are going through all the food they have found and sit down to eat together. They talk about their plan for the next day and what are they going to do when Negan is gone. Michonne says it should be Rick who is in charge, he would be good at it. Rick shruggles it off and he says he wants it to be the two of them who do things together. They kiss. Michonne thinks they need to go back and Rick thinks they need a couple more days. * Next morning Tara is sitting with Judith, talking about a necklace someone gave her. She is talking about the women group from Oceanside and how they would want to fight if they knew. Rick and Michonne are making their way into the circus to see how they can kill all the walkers. They need to take them out quiet to try to get to the open gate so they can close them in. Michonne makes a noise so they can come and starts taking them out while Rick goes to the car to move it. A walker is through the window so he tries to take it out but he keeps pulling body parts off instead. He slowly does it and manages to get the stick shift to neutral and gets it going. Michonne joins in and they push it. One of the walkers has a gun and gets it caught on something so it starts shooting. Michonne jumps into the trunk to shield herself while Rick yells that the car has no breaks. They finally roll to a stop but walkers surround them. * Rick and Michonne manage to get out from the sunroof and they jump over the fence into the swing area. Walkers surround them and they start taking them out. The fence gives way and walkers come at them. They run and try to block themselves in. They give each other a pep talk ("We can go or we can do this....We can do this") and each go to separate side of the circus. They ask each other how they are doing and proceed to count how many they have left to each other. Rick looks the other way and sees the deer and starts walking up the Ferris wheel for a better look. But as he goes to shoot it, he sees walkers approaching. Rick then falls off the Ferris wheel and the walkers come at him. Michonne sees and runs to help. When she gets there, they are eating something and she thinks its Rick. She begins to cry and drops her sword. Walkers approach her and she is in a daze. Just then Rick comes out of hidden (he was inside some sort of box) and throws Michonne her sword and screams at her and she comes to and they take out the rest. They embrace. They start to clean up the circus and see what all they find. They find a lot of guns. * Rick and Michonne are driving in the van with all of their loot and Rick pulls over. He tells her he hasn't been sleeping because all he thinks about is his friends and all they loss. He tells her he needs to fight them or they will lose people. She tells him she can't lose him and he wants to know what kind of life would they have had if they had surrendered. He says they can lose each other, its not about them anymore. It's about the future, Judith and Maggie's baby. It's about them having a life. Michonne agrees. Rick takes the gun to Jadis and she says its not enough. He says he is taking 10 back so they can find more and they argue and she agrees to 9 but she wants the cat back he took from her. He demands they keep the cat and 20 guns, so they can fight together in the future. She agrees. Michonne wants to know whats next and they head back to Alexandria. Rick runs into Tara who is leaving his house and he wants to talk about Rosita. She isn't here. Tara says she's probably out looking for guns then tells Rick she has something to tell him. Rosita makes her way to Hilltop to see Sasha. Rosita says she needs her help. Sasha says one condition...she gets to take the shot. Sasha ask her what she brought and she pulls out a sniper rifle. She tells her about what Rick found and Sasha tells her that Jesus made her map of The Sanctuary. Sasha ask her if they are in this together and she says yes. 

Main points of this weeks show:

  • Ok, I am just going to say it. If Rosita gets killed, you won't see any crying from me. She wants so badly to go kill Negan, let her at it. She's already tried once and had her life spared...why would he spare it a second time? 
  • I am loving the Rick and Michonne relationship. They are funny together and you can really tell there is something there. A true relationship. I feel this show needs this. 
  • I am also loving that Rick tells her she will lead if Rick dies. That they are in this together and the other one will keep on keeping on if something happens to each other. 
  • When she thought the walkers were eating him, I for one split second had the same feeling as her but then I was way. That is not how Rick would get killed...if he does die. 
  • I love that Tara is finally telling Rick about the all women's group, Oceanside. Well I should say IF because we don't actually hear her tell him, I am just assuming. I wonder where that will go because that group knows what they are doing. 
  • Have you notice that every time we see a deer on TWD, something bad happens. Like seeing the deer and Rick falling and almost get eaten alive. Or the time we saw a deer and then Carl got shot. Or when Michonne saw the dead carcass of one and then hellllooooo Negan! 
  • Tonight's episode was a filler episode for sure BUT I kind of like those because they always lead up to bigger episodes and they tend to give you clips of bigger things to come. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

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