Thursday, March 30, 2017

Color Run 2017

Dear Diary,

I did the Color Run over the weekend and had so much fun. It seriously is one of my favorite things to do. Along with Kristen and Julie (who is the original Color Run crew), we added Kent (Kristen's son), Angie and Colton and my sister Kara and Landry. Having the kids this year was so much fun. They all did really well. Early in the race we somehow lost Angie and Colton and weren't able to meet back up with them to the end of the race. Landry was the most impressive. That girl has found her calling in running. Her and Kent stayed together the whole time. 

Every year I wear something different. And this I chose a onesie I had in my closet. This was probably the coldest color run I've done so I was very comfortable. The only problem with the pink, was that you couldn't see the color very well on it.

How perfectly precious are they? And I get to call myself their aunt. 

Here was the crew before the run! 

And here we are after! 

At the end this year, they had blue bubbles which was fun. They smelled like grape gum. 

During the race. I love this cause I have Trump hair. Makes me laugh.

A little before and after comparison. 

This year, on the bibs you could write what your dream was. I wrote "for people to treat everyone nicely". It's a big deal to me to be nice to people. You never know the kind of day people are having and it is so easy to be nice. I do believe in equality but equality, to me, is a hard thing to teach. So I find if I can spread niceness around, that all of the other things fall into place. You can believe in equality but still be mean. I think being nice comes first. 

Besides myself, Landry wrote on hers (I believe Kara did too but I didn't get a pic. We were the only ones). Landry wrote "to be a teacher when I grow up". I love that she already knows what she wants to do and she will make one fabulous teacher. 

I can't wait for next year. I am already thinking about my outfit. If you have ever thought about running it, come join our team. We have lots of fun and laugh almost the whole time. We never take it seriously and we all receive medals in the end. Just a word of warning, stay away from Julie and the color blue at the very end. She will turn you into a smurf! 

Love, Me