Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day.

I don't know about you but I think every day should be this. haha

Today I think about the women in my life who inspire me: 
My mom Janet.
My sister Kara.
My sister-in-laws Angie and Kristen.
My mother-in-law Debbie.
My best friends Julie and Gabby. 
My friends Becca and Jasmine.
My grandmothers Barbara and Margie.
My grandmother-in-law Margie. 
My aunts Diane and Karen.
My aunt-in-laws Lori and Cindy.
My cousin Stephanie. 
My trainers Betsy and Meg. 
My girlfriends in Swink Sweat class.
Moms out there who give more than get back everyday!

All of these women push me to be better. Are there for me no matter what. Look over me. Take care of me. Love me. Fight for me. Tell me how it is. Drink wine with me. Make me laugh till I can't breathe. Let me bitch to them. Allow me to be myself. They never try to change me or tell me to be something I am not. 

I love all of you and today (and everyday) I celebrate you!  

And not only do I celebrate you, I celebrate myself! Because I am women, hear me roar (or something like that)!