Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cast Iron Families

I couldn't be more proud of my girl, Rebecca Egger.

Not only do I absolutely adore her and love her to a million pieces, she tackled something I have always wanted to do.


She wrote a book about how to take photos. About how to use a camera. About how to use the light. She has given you an inside look as to how she get each shot she takes just perfect.

Here are her words on it: "Cast Iron Families is a book with easy-to-understand photography instruction. This book boasts just over 100 pages of humor, instruction, and beautiful photos taken with just a regular ol' camera--but a lot of experience. Written by a professional photographer for folks who love their families, love their camera (or smart phone camera!), and want the quality of their photos to match the quality of the memories they are making."

For the whole month of March, she is crowd funding, which means you go to the link I am going to give you at the end of this blog and you purchase her book. She had a goal to meet in order to get the book rolling and she has already surpassed that goal. But the crowd funding doesn't stop because of that. 

Or you also have the option of just contributing to her if for some reason you aren't in need of a photography book or don't read. 

For the whole month of March, I will be featuring her link on the side of my blog so if for some reason you think about it a couple weeks from now but can't remember what day I posted worries. Just look on the side of the blog! 

She really is a beautiful spirit and I am so excited for her. She took something she loves doing and is so good at and is sharing this knowledge with us all. 

Go buy the book! Here is the link. Read all the info and view all of buying options. Supporting each other in our dreams is so very important. Don't miss this chance of getting on the ground floor with her. 

I sure do LOVE you Becca and I am truly thrilled for you.