Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

On Sunday I went and saw Beauty and the Beast with my mom, dad, sister and Landry. 

I highly recommend seeing it.

If you have ever seen the animated film, you will love it. It follows the story completely, with only a few extra details that I actually liked (like how the beast became the beast and about Belle's mom for example). There were a few extra songs but they felt right and none of them were out of context. Landry did get scared in a few scenes that involved wolves and darkness but nothing to over the top. 

I felt like every single person they got for each role was a brilliant choice in casting. Emma Watson just screamed Belle to me, Luke Evans as Gaston was great (Gaston is a bit larger in the animated film so someone like The Rock might had worked better but Luke Evans is hot so its ok), Josh Gad as LaFou was right on point and Ewan McGregor as the voice of Lumiere was amazing. 

If I was allowed, I would have stood up and sang every song. I got goosebumps a thousand times, I teared up twice, I even clapped at the end. And the whole LaFou being gay...come on! If not one person had said anything about it, I would have never came to that conclusion. He is obsessed with Gaston in the animated film so for him to even less in this film would have been off. Yes, there is one small scene at the end where he dances with a man but again, come on! Who cares? 

I turned to my sister at the end and said "so people are boycotting this because of the"gay" character yet they are ok with a beast kidnapping a girl and then having her fall in love with him?" 

Don't be a boy-cotter. Go see it and have fun doing so.