Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Last week, as you might know, I was on Spring Break. My family (minus the husbands) drove down to Galveston for a few days. My sister had each day planned out (one thing I LOVE about her, I never have to plan anything) and on day 3, had planned for us to go to a zoo. 

But not any zoo. A Wildlife petting zoo. And why start on day 3 of the trip, because it was my favorite and you all need to plan a trip to this zoo. 

It is $20 (for adults) and $10 (for kids 2-11) to get in and children under 2 are free. It is $2 for a bucket of food and they give you A LOT of food in the bucket. At Bayou Wildlife Zoo, you get a safari-like adventure throughout the park to get up close and personal with the animals. They have everything from buffalo to ostriches to giraffes to a white rhino. They have deer, a longhorn, crocodiles and even some animals I had never even heard of. All of these animals are rescued from some sort of situation, never just brought over for viewing. The man that opened this place is a billionaire and bought all this property for this reason. 

I took a lot of video so if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you might have saw. And I wish there was a way to upload all those videos so you could actually see what it was like. Luckily my sister is better at getting pictures than me so she was kind enough to share ones she got. 

My favorite thing was the buffalo coming up to us and eating out of Brody's hand. My least favorite thing was the Ostriches. I HATE Ostriches. Like with a passion. They are mean and nasty and could peck my eyes out or peck at my brain at any minute. You can ask my poor family how I was almost in tears at one point because I was so scared of them. 

I had given Brody peanut butter crackers and I totally wasn't thinking how some animals just get to roam freely and when I turned, this deer was eating out of the Brody's stroller. I am not sure if he actually at the crackers or was just licking what was left over but what was so cool is my son just sat there. Never scared, never afraid. Prolly would have asked me to take it home if he could talk. 

The big kids got to horseback ride. It wasn't for very long but it was fun for them. 

The Petting Zoo was also fun. Goats and pigs is all I can remember but I was chasing a 19 month old, so I don't remember if there was anything else. 

If you are traveling to Houston or Galveston, you should really make this a place to visit. Especially if your kids like animals. You can bring a sack lunch and eat it there. They have a very friendly staff and was just a lot of fun. Make sure to bring cash or check because they do not take credit card.