Tuesday, March 7, 2017

19 months

How old? 19 months and 3 days

Weight? 31.2 lbs (95 percentile) 

Height? 34.5 (96 percentile) 

What a month! 
He can point out his nose, tongue, teeth, ears, eyes, belly and chest. 
He can sign please, thank you, friends, together, baby, more, and again.
He knows what he wants and will show you. 
He can moo like a cow, snort like a pig, bark like a dog, quack like a duck and he attempts to make a fish face. We have a bunch of animals in his bathtub and I can ask him where something is and he will get it for me without me showing him. 
He is such a dare devil. He will climb up on anything he can. He has no fear and I have The Little Gym to thank for that. 
His communication skills have improved. He still doesn't talk much but I can tell he really wants to. His signing and letting me know what he wants by showing me are amazing.....just have to get that tongue working. 
He loves Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 and would watch them all day if I allowed it. 
We have a new best friend, Miguel, and we do everything with him and his mom Gabby. To the point where Miguel can say Bro Bro and I am trying to teach him to call Miguel, Mi. They are so adorable and I just love this little friendship. 

My little boo. God I love him so much. He is getting to be so much fun and watching him learn new things just makes my heart grow. He makes everything about my life just that much better. He can be bratty and spoiled sometimes but it's OK, because he really is sweet and just loves to cuddle. Being his mom is my favorite thing!